For real, do you know…

At the start of the journey of the discovery of my purpose, I fell in love with a song by Diana Ross that opens with “Do you know where you are going to.”  It is so inspiring to me. As I continue on my journey I sing the song to myself from time to time.  It forces me to examine where I am at that moment and measure it against my purpose, so I can make the right changes if required.

I sing just the chorus though, which is actually all I need, plus I made a slight change to it.  It goes like this: “Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the things that life is showing you, where are you going to, do you know?  Do you get what you’re hoping for, when you look around you there are no open doors, what are you hoping for, do you know?”  I may not exactly know Diana Ross’ thoughts behind the meaning of the song, but I’ll explain what these words mean to me.

Think about what you are doing.  Think about where you are in your life.  Are you satisfied?  Are you confident of where your life is taking you?  Does everything seem alright in your life to onlookers but in your quiet moments you snuggle up in a corner, in frustration wishing your life could change by some miracle or wishing it would end?  Do you cry out for help in your bedroom when no one else is watching?  Where is your life headed, do you know?  Are you happy with what you see ahead in your future?

What about what you are hoping for, do you get it?

Have you heard that hope keeps one alive?  What you are hoping for is not what you say. What you are hoping for is what you believe, it’s what you think and eventually, it’s what controls your life, what manifests in your life. Do you say you are hoping for a great future but looking around you there’s no joy or peace, no open doors to lead you into that great future?

By open doors I don’t just mean that you have the manifestation of what you are hoping for, it could just be that you have the peace, assurance, confidence that everything is working out just fine.  It could be that even if physically, things are still not as you want them to be, in your heart you can see a bright light all around you or a glimpse of light that assures you that everything’s going to be just fine.

This means you trust the Lord so much that you remain fulfilled no matter what.  You are just so fulfilled and happy with your life because you know exactly where you are headed.  Therefore, you can just as Paul did, boldly declare that you have learnt to be content in all things.

Just take a while to look into what you are really hoping for.  In other words, what do you really believe about your future?  You may be very fearful of the future, very unsure of the future. You may just really believe that there is no hope for your future because you have made so many mistakes in the past or experienced a lot of disappointments, or someone told you you’ll never amount to anything good. Listen, you cannot separate what you believe from what you hope for.  The direction of your believing determines the direction of your hope.

I want you to never forget this “You give what you believe the power to control your life.”

If your believing is right, your hoping will be right and when you look around you there’ll be open doors.  You may like what you say you’re hoping for but does what you believe align with what you say you’re hoping for?  If you are not getting what you say you are hoping for (you are not seeing the open doors), then it’s time to examine what you really believe.

If what you are hoping for does not align with what you believe, no matter how confidently you try to talk about what you are hoping for, there will always be this thought in your heart wishing that you actually believed what you’re saying or you will be fearfully praying in your heart for what you are saying to come to pass. So, what do you really believe?

Dear Sister, ask yourself what you really believe concerning your life.  Write down your belief.  Are you doing that confidently?  Are you even able to write down anything?  Are there any negative thoughts?  I have been there and out.  I want to help you.

Talk to me privately in the form below. 

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