What Now! When the Writing Wanes

I started off this year very excited because I could see exactly where I was going. I started my blog and couldn’t wait to fill up my website with pages and posts. I excitedly told my family and friends of my progress and they were excited for me.

My guest post

There I was, hitting all the social networking sites I had heard of. There I was, reading up on how to connect on these sites. There I was, making connections, both old and new. There I was, writing and reeling out my posts. There I was, checking with one eye closed, to see my site visits and views. There I was, waiting for the notifications “comment waiting your approval” in my email inbox.

Suddenly! I’m in front of my computer, fingers on keyboard but not pressing. Suddenly! the words fly off my head. Suddenly! I almost can’t think. Suddenly! I want to write like her, and her...read more

My guest post on Blogs by Christian Women


My Guest Post in Blogs by Christian Women – “What Now!”

Suddenly! I’m in front of my computer, fingers on keyboard but not pressing. Suddenly! the words fly off my head. Suddenly! I almost can’t think. Suddenly! I want to write like her, and her, and her, and her! Oh! What now!…

Hello everybody! My Blogs by Christian Women guest post “What Now!” will be published on Monday, 23rd February 2015, at 8am CST.  Please don’t miss it!!  Click on the image below to read.


I set up my blog and published my first post on the 16th of January, 2015 and now I am guest blogging?  Wow!  I am really excited!  I hope you enjoy reading my post there as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Would you be so kind as to read it and come back here to give me a feedback?  You would?  Great!  Thank you very much!



I am me!


I am me

I’ll never be you

If I were you

I’ll never be me

If you were me

You’ll never be you

Quit wanting me to think like you

Quit wanting me to make decisions like you

Quit wanting me to do things like you

Quit wanting me to be like you

For if I were you

There’ll never be you

I am thankful…


I am thankful to God for the smile upon my face, for the laughter in my mouth, for the joy in my heart, for the dancing in my feet, for the twinkle in my eyes… Nobody does me like He does. Father you have been good to me!                                       Ehi Zedomi

Share with me dear sister, what are you thankful for today?

Another New Chance

Could today be just another day?  Why no!  That would make everyday the same!  Is that a bad thing? For everyday to be the same?  Hmmm.. then we will never have the privilege of another chance.

Think about this Sisters, with every new day comes the privilege of another chance.  The privilege of a new possibility of something happening.  Hmmm…

We have 12 new chances every year.  At least 28 new chances every month.  Then we have 7 new chances every week.  And everyday is another day for change.  No, today is not, will not be just another day.  I must make use of my privileged opportunity of a brand new day, a brand new week, a brand new month and a brand new year.

Did you set goals for yourself last year, last month, last week and last… (Hehe! You were expecting ‘last day’ weren’t you?) …yesterday, that you didn’t meet?  Well, you now have the privilege of another year, another month, another week and another day to make it happen.  Thank God for this!  Thank God that no matter how hard it has been, we can always look forward to another new chance.

So here’s to another new chance to shine!  Another new chance to be beautiful!  Another new chance to forgive!  Another new chance to win!  Another new chance to take advantage of an opportunity!  Another new chance to record testimonies!  Another new chance of peace!  Another new chance of miracles!  Another new chance to laugh!  Another new chance to dance!  Another new chance to love!  Another new chance to let God!  Another new chance to worship God!  Another new chance to experience the goodness of God!  Another new chance to experience the love of God!  Another new chance to be a woman after God’s own heart!  Another new chance to be thankful!  Another new chance…

Go ahead dear Sister, complete it with what your expectations for the year, the month, the week and the day are.  “Another new chance to…”  Don’t consider the facts of whatever situation is staring you in the face.  Don’t dwell on it!  Instead, dwell on and consider what you want to see, trusting God to direct your path into the good you want to see.  He is more willing and He is completely able to make it all work together for you.  Nothing can compare to the love He has for you.

Two of my favourite verses in the bible are Proverbs 3:5-6.  The Amplified bible reads “Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.  In all your ways know, recognise and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.”

Hallelujah!  So go ahead dear Sister, here’s another chance to bring your dreams to pass, leaning on, trusting and being confident that the Lord is right there with you to turn this new chance into a testimony.

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