What Now! When the Writing Wanes

I started off this year very excited because I could see exactly where I was going. I started my blog and couldn’t wait to fill up my website with pages and posts. I excitedly told my family and friends of my progress and they were excited for me.

My guest post

There I was, hitting all the social networking sites I had heard of. There I was, reading up on how to connect on these sites. There I was, making connections, both old and new. There I was, writing and reeling out my posts. There I was, checking with one eye closed, to see my site visits and views. There I was, waiting for the notifications “comment waiting your approval” in my email inbox.

Suddenly! I’m in front of my computer, fingers on keyboard but not pressing. Suddenly! the words fly off my head. Suddenly! I almost can’t think. Suddenly! I want to write like her, and her...read more

My guest post on Blogs by Christian Women


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