Another Successful TimeOut

IMG_8705.JPGI remember when the Lord asked me to host the monthly OWF TimeOut on air.  It seemed like I didn’t hear Him clearly.  How can we host our monthly meetings on air when the internet service in my part of the world is yet to be perfected.  Would anyone joining the meeting from Nigeria be able to connect the entire duration of the meeting?  What about me, would my internet subscription not completely be exhausted before we are done half way?

Hmm… God knows what we do not know.

We went ahead and successfully held the first one in April.  Come May, and I couldn’t even stay connected.  Not because I did not have enough data, but my internet service wouldn’t work.  So now, the excitement of the first successful TimeOut on air began to wear out, but I had to remind myself that we didn’t send ourselves on this errand.  God did!  And God never fails.  The message in the recorded video I posted to explain why we couldn’t have the meeting as planned seemed to be what people needed to hear.

God is great!  All things will always work together for your good if you love God and are called according to His purpose.

I am so excited to do this blog because we just had another successful TimeOut on air! Yay!! I am definitely getting used to it.  God is all the time good!  If He sent you, He will certainly back you up.  Trust Him!

To watch the video, click here to join OWF.  Registration is free!

Be fulfilled + fabulous always!

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