One Woman Fulfilled and I – Yetunde Jobi


Yetunde Jobi is very enterprising and loves to write.  She is a lovable and caring go-getter.  When she is not attending to her 10 year old daughter, she can be found trading souvenirs, as well as clothes and shoes for children and adults on her Facebook page, Adeemi Stores.  Check it out



Good day to all my beautiful PSs (Precious Sisters).  I believe we are all doing great in the Lord.  I want to share my experience with One Woman Fulfilled with us today.

I would like to say thank you to PS (Precious Sister) Ehi, the One Woman Fulfilled Founder for a very good job she is doing.  I pray your oil will not run dry in Jesus name.

I was introduced into One Woman Fulfilled almost a year ago by a friend but I never participated in anything.  I read messages but never replied any.  One day, I was going through Facebook and saw a post by PS Ehi on the 30th of September this year.  It was about knowing God more.  I read the post and it inspired me, it was as if it was posted because of me at that time, because I was at a point in my life where I was even doubting my faith.  So I said to myself, ‘let me give it a try and found it was awesome!’

It was this same day she posted that October 1st (the first Saturday of every month actually) is a day we (the One Woman Fulfilled precious sisters) pray for each other.  I immediately clicked the “Like” button on the post before evening, indicating that I want to participate in the prayer.  I was given a partner, PS Abidemi Amubioya Ibok.  We connected on WhatsApp and prayed.

I’m not a stranger to the prayer of agreement.  I have participated in it with sisters in my church and some friends, but I was overwhelmed seeing people eager and agreeing to pray with you even when you don’t know them personally.

Beautiful sisters, I want to tell you today, you may not know the blessings attached when you intercede on behalf of others whether you know them or not, but God delights in it.

Lastly, I will say I am happy to be a member of OWF (One Woman Fulfilled).  Sisters, let’s invite others because there are so many things going on around us today and all we need is prayers to conquer them all.  Remember, let’s live in faith and we shall overcome in Jesus name (1 John 5:4).

God bless you all!

PS Yetunde Jobi

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