On the Move – Chichi Chukwu

img_9219Chichi Chukwu has worked in diverse industries across Nigeria, England & Canada as a Business Consultant, Project Administrator, Inventory & Asset Management Analyst, Procurement Officer, Banker…

She holds a B.Arts (History) from the University of Benin in Edo State, Nigeria. Chichi has also bagged a Masters’ in Business Administration (MBA) from Leicester Business School, De Montfort University, England. She is an avid volunteer, who has volunteered with British Heart Foundation, Canada Revenue Agency, and a few others.

She is presently an Independent Business Owner with Total Life Changes as well as Independent Consultant with Scentsy. Both companies are based in USA.

She is a seasoned coach with a passion to help and motivate individuals.

Yes! There’s no slowing down this girl.  She is “On the Move!” Join her! Visit her Facebook page: Totallifechanges/chys or www.totallifechanges/Chys and http://www.gorgeousscent.scentsy.com


Total Life Changes is A Whole World Filled with Endless Opportunities that can Totally Change your LIFE.  We have a Full Line of Quality Products and the Most Powerful Compensation Plan in the industry.



We are represented in the following Industries:

  • Health and Wellness: $2Trillion industry
  • Weight loss: $80 Billion industry
  • Beauty: $150 Billion industry
  • Sexual Enhancement: $17 Billion Industry
  • Gourmet Coffee: $10 Billion Industry
  • Energy/Longevity: $12.5 Billion Industry
  • Shaper/Waist Trainer: $812 Billion Industry

We provide Support & Mentorship, and a free personalized TLC website that sells all of the TLC products.

COST TO BECOME AN IBO (Independent Business Owner): Under $150


Scentsy is a direct selling company that specializes in wickless candles. Home & Personal Fragrance offering Stylish, Innovative & Customized Products Designed to Warm The Heart, Enliven, The Senses & Inspire the Soul.


Scentsy Independent Consultant Starter Pack Includes:

  • 1 full size Scentsy electric candle warmer Catalogs Scentsy Bar / Scent Pak
  • Catalogs Various Business Supply Order Forms
  • New Consultant Start-Up Guide
  • A free web-site for the first 3 month’s
  • 1 complete set of 80 party-size fragrance testers
  • Room Spray / Laundry Product


Here is something from Chichi to you! Take your pick and let her know in her Facebook page: Totallifechanges/chys


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