I was thinking of the different experiences people go through, and in my mind, I wondered if it was what they bargained for when they were little children.  I also wondered if it was what their parents thought concerning them when they were little children.  We plan and do the best for our children but how come some children have very painful and devastating experiences when they grow to become teenagers and beyond?

I thought about some adults I know battling challenge after challenge.  Did they know their life would be so hard at some point in their journey of life?  Did they ever imagine anything like that?  I don’t think so.  I imagine the pain in a mother’s heart, a father’s heart to see their child go through such unpleasant situations.  Then I began to think of other people who had gone through very unpleasant, painful, tough and hard situations and are today, using their experience and what they learnt from it as a message to help others who are facing similar situations they experienced.  Have you heard the phrase, “my mess has become my message”?

I thought of myself too and my journey to get to where I am today.  And then I thought of my children.  What would their journey be like?  I suddenly realized that we will all have to go through our own experience of life to fulfill our purpose.  The reality is that no parent knows the exact experiences their children will go through to fulfill their purpose.  Our experience is what gives us the confidence and authenticity to speak on whatever subject the Lord has called us to bring change in.  I suddenly realized that no matter how much I teach, guide, guard and protect my children, they also will have to go through their own experience.

Did my mother know that I would encounter depression on my path?  No, she didn’t!  And it broke her to find out.  My prayer now for my children is that whatever they face in their journey of life, that they would have the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to face it victoriously.   That they would be able to make the right choices, the right decisions and the right judgment.  That even if they fall at any point, they would be able to successfully pick themselves up without the help of anyone but the one without Whom they can do nothing, as was my experience.

Therefore, more than ever before, I must train them to know exactly who they are and to live everyday more conscious of that person, and be a better version of that person.  I must train them now at this stage of their life to:

  • discover their purpose and begin to live it out
  • identify their talents and gifts and begin to develop and maximise them
  • learn how to excellently deliver with joy and satisfaction, the solution(s) their purpose provides
  • enjoy their everyday life

I believe that not just my children, but your children as well, will be honoured everywhere because they have a special heritage.  Our children will be powerful in the earth, no matter what they encounter in life.

As parents, we have to be prepared with this knowledge so that we can train our children from a position of focus and strength, so that they are prepared to go through their life experiences triumphantly.  We must train our children to face life from a position of strength and remain standing no matter what.

This summer, we want to train our children to reveal their true selves.  We want to train them to know their true identity and not be confused with another’s.  We want to train them to naturally rise above any form of peer pressure or negativity in the world, because there’s plenty of that going on right now in the world.  IMG_0211We want to train our children to be proactive.  We want to train our children to learn to and know how to manage their lives effectively and make the right choices, the right decisions and the right judgment. Don’t let your children miss out on this summer school holding in Lagos, Nigeria!


I pray that as you invest in training your children in the way that they should go, their choices, decisions and judgment will always make you proud.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!  Amen!!  God bless you specially!!



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