1097B25D-0D67-4AAF-883F-E6BD4A0C4CD4Did you have testimonies in October! Well, there’s plenty loud shouting and rejoicing in November!!


As you transit into the palace, 2018, you must prepare yourself to stand before kings. What are you going to do? Are you going to sit around and wait for when you are called into the palace? Are you going to be focusing on what you may be currently experiencing, that you have allowed to restrain your mind from seeing paradise ahead? Or are you going to get yourself ready to step in with dignity, ready to be positioned for the release of the greatness you carry in you? Your expectations will not be cut off! It is time to change those clothes, strip off of you those ideas, those strategies, any weights and any strongholds that have been a stumbling block. In this transition, stock up on the qualities that will cause kings to bow before you. In your place of quietness, obtain from the Holy Spirit your 2018 plan with clarity.


I declare that in this month of November you will experience bouts of unexplainable rejoicing. You will experience the manifested presence of God as He gives you your blueprint for 2018. I declare that in this month, you will see possibilities, you will see visions, your passion will burn! I prophesy that the kings you will stand before in 2018, are taking position right now in readiness for your arrival. This month, you will see YOU as God has made you to be. No influence that shields your mind from seeing who you truly are; an amazing solution, will be able to stand in your life this month. You are lifted! You are clothed in glory! You make progress! You are at rest, at peace! I prophesy that you will hear the voice of God clearly showing you the way to go. November for you is a month of rejoicing with loud shouts, as the Lord dresses you up for your paradise palace eagerly awaiting you in 2018. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!! Scream for joy!!!!!!!

Jesus loves you extravagantly! Never lose this focus.

See you this Saturday at PROPEL! Glory!!!


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