Did you get ready for 2018 in November?  Did you receive strategies from the Lord?  Your story is going to get more amazing in this month of December!


Ten lepers cried out to Jesus (Luke 17:11-19. He looked at them and directed them to go and show themselves to the priest. That was all He said. Jesus did not lay His hands on them neither did He speak a direct word of healing on them. On their way to the priest, they noticed they were healed. Only one of them acknowledged it was Jesus who did it. And so, he returned to say thank you to Jesus. His acknowledgement that it was Jesus, led to his “thank you” to Jesus, which ultimately led to his wholeness.

Acknowledge it has been Jesus, acknowledge it was Jesus and say “Thank you” to Jesus. It’s doesn’t matter if you didn’t hear Him say a direct word to you or feel His presence doing it, it was still Him. Who put food on your table? He gave you a roof over your head? Who gave you the idea that elevated you? Who woke you up this morning? … Just like a password that opens the doors of the treasury, watch your acknowledgment and thank you open new and greater doors even in the last days of this year, and watch it, like riding on a flying carpet, swoop you triumphantly into your waiting palace and kings.


I declare that in this month of December you will experience wholeness and fulfilment. Joy, peace and thanksgiving fills your heart. Your mouth shall sing the praises of your Lord and He shall direct your path into greater victories, greater testimonies and greater ideas and strategies. He who sees and knows the end from the beginning shall direct your path. The Lord stands right there with you to ensure your successful closure of the year 2017, and your successful entrance into the glorious year 2018. All things are working together for your good right now to ensure you end this year dancing and rejoicing and that you enter into 2018 doing the same. Your life is full of testimonies. No weapon of the enemy fashioned against you shall prosper. It has been God all the while, that is the reason you are alive today. It was God who caused them to favour you, and it is God who will make it happen even bigger, greater, more satisfying and more beautiful in your life. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!! Let the praise begin!!!

God bless you specially!!

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