Did you “unlearn” anything in the month of March?  Don’t forget you unlearned it!  Well, April is a month of grace for you!


It is not a coincidence that this new month which begins a new quarter, starts on the Resurrection Sunday, which is the start of a new week! So, …

Enjoy a great new quarter
Enjoy an amazing new month
Enjoy a fantastic new week
Have a blast this new day, it’s the start of new life!! New level of glory, greatness and plenty for you! He will do it all, for His name’s sake.
Enjoy the grace of God in a different and special way this month.


I pray that this quarter, month, week and day marks the start of something new, special and amazing in your life.  This is resurrection day!  This is your resurrection into the life Jesus came for you to have.  I declare that it is a new level of glory, greatness and plenty for you and your family.  I declare that you will flourish like the trees of Lebanon.  You will prosper like you never imagined possible.  You will not be in the dark as per what to do at anytime for the Spirit of God will lead you, He will guide you, He will show you what to do, show you what steps to take.  The hand of God rests upon you mightily in this new season of your life.  The Lord has blessed you to be fruitful therefore this month you will produce good, you will produce greatness by the help of the Holy Spirit.  He that began a good work in you will complete it.  Therefore your profiting shall be evident for all to see.  The difference in you will show this new month, and kings will attach themselves to you.  Never fear what man can do to you because God is for you!  Therefore, no persons without bodies or with bodies can successfully stand against you.  Congratulations on this new level!  It’s a month of grace!  God will defend His word in your life.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen!!

God bless you specially!

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