God is changing economies for the benefit of His people, so that when men are cast down, His people shall say there is lifting up.  OWF is God’s strategy for the lifting up.  – Ehi Zedomi

One Woman Fulfilled Initiative (OWF) is a registered NGO with a membership of women from across the globe.  We operate both online and offline, and are focused on restoring the woman to her God-given role as the catalyst and the lifeline for the growth and development of mankind.

We engage in programs and projects, ranging from offline to online conferences, and not sparing any means including undertaking media programs and setting up vocational establishments in getting our message to every woman and every home.  OWF promotes successful marriages and successful families.

One Woman Fulfilled supports the spread of the awareness of depression among women, providing a lasting solution to it, and advocates for research into the cause of Fibroids, a non-cancerous tumors in the uterus prevalent in African and Caribbean women, as well as support sufferers to obtain the medical attention they require.


Our mission is to inspire, educate and empower women to live fulfilled lives for economic growth and social development.


Where we see our mission taking us is two-fold:

  1. The restoration of the woman to her God given role as the catalyst and lifeline for the growth and development of mankind, and society.
  2. Economic growth and social development in the nations where OWF is established.

Starting from Nigeria, to the whole of West Africa, the whole of Africa and to every continent and nation of the world, we will be carrying the OWF message and initiative, physically establishing the OWF STAND! Centre.

Therefore, our focus for the next 10 years is to:

  1. Set up OWF Connect Clubs in every continent of the world.
  2. Set up at least one OWF STAND! Centre in every region of Africa (West, East, North and South) – “PROJECT AFRICA”


Our flagship campaign is STAND! (Sister Take Action Now and Develop!) and our campaign theme is “RELEASE THAT WOMAN.”  OWF calls on women to recognise the growth and development catalyst and lifeline woman in them, and release her.  We call on women to recognise the greatness within them and take action to develop that greatness by developing:

  • Themselves
    • If we are going to build better homes and societies, we must first build the best version of ourselves.
  • Their homes and immediate circle of influence
    • Societies are made up of people who belong to different homes within them.  If we are going to have better societies, then we must have people who are the best version of themselves.
  • Their communities and extended circle of influence
    • A thriving community is made up of people who communicate freely with each other and are committed to helping each other succeed by each person doing his own part to making the community a safe, peaceful, prosperous, progressive and healthy one.  Therefore, if we are going to have successful communities and societies, every individual and family must recognise their relevance and serve the best version of themselves to the community.


  • We believe that one woman fulfilled is a people developed.
  • We believe that the major role God created the woman for, is to be the catalyst and lifeline for the growth and development of mankind.
  • We believe that God works with and through families to fulfill His purpose in the earth, therefore, we promote building successful marriages and families as man’s (male and female) number one ministry.
  • We believe that the woman was created with the power (as helpmeet) to help her husband as leader of the home, lead the family as a unit to fulfill the purpose given to them by God.
  • We believe that unless the woman is living the life of fulfillment, she will be unable to function effectively in her role as helpmeet to her husband, and as the catalyst and lifeline for economic growth and social development (growth and development of mankind).
  • We believe that the woman depicted in Proverbs 31:10-31, is God’s ideal woman, and every woman can find herself in her.

Sadly, the majority of women live unfulfilled lives.  Therefore our efforts are focused on helping women live fulfilled lives.  We believe that for the woman to live fulfilled, she must:

  • Continuously be engaged in developing the faith, trust, strength and character she requires to live fulfilled.
  • Discover her specific life purpose and be focused on living out her purpose.
  • Identify her talents and gifts and be focused on developing and maximising them.
  • Deliver the solutions her purpose provides, to satisfaction, with joy and excellence.
  • Enjoy her everyday life.

OWF therefore engages in programs, events and projects as well as provides the knowledge, tools and opportunities the woman requires to live fulfilled.


OWF was birthed on the 2nd of January, 2015 on WhatsApp as a platform for the Founder, Ehi Zedomi to share her thankfulness to the Lord with some family and friends.  Unknown to her, she had just birthed what would become an online Network of women inspiring, educating and empowering each other with their gifts, talents and knowledge.

Shortly after, the group was also set up on Facebook.  Every day, the women from all works of life across the globe, aged from 26 years, single and married, would meet in the “OWF house” to be thankful to the Lord.

A weekly structure was introduced to not only make the group more fun, but to also ensure the women were learning new things.  The Lord has His great ways!  OWF had been Ehi’s dream for a very long time.  Little did she know that the Lord had such great plans to birth this dream the way He did.  One Woman Fulfilled continued to operate as an unregistered group until August 28, 2015 when it was officially registered as a faith based non-governmental organisation (NGO). 

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