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To enable us carry out our projects and programs, develop tools and create opportunities that women can take advantage of to help them develop themselves, enjoy their lives, enjoy their marriages, build successful homes and families, build successful businesses, be agents of change and agents of success in the communities they belong to, we require funds.

To successfully embark on our campaign, calling on women all across to globe to rise up and take responsibility of their role, and begin to effectively develop themselves to do so, we require funds.

To setup our STAND! Centres providing a centre for personal and business training and development, family recreation, child education and spiritual development, we require funds.

To enable us successfully achieve our goal of educating girls to become fulfilled women and carry out projects which influence children to be balanced in both their intelligent and emotional quotients, we require funds.

While we encourage a commitment to monthly donations, we are very pleased and thankful to receive One Time or Unstructured donations.  To DONATE, kindly fill the form below.


img_9062As a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, we constantly require the help of

volunteers to achieve our purpose.  Sign up to join our team of passionate people focused on making great things happen in our homes, our communities and our world.

Our volunteers are a very important part of what we do.  Sign up as a VOLUNTEER today by filling the form below.



Help OWF achieve her purpose by hosting fundraising tea party events.  OWF has big dreams which require big money to achieve.

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