JANUARY 22 – 28, 2017

“and be continually renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh, untarnished mental and spiritual attitude],” (‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:23‬ ‭AMP‬‬)

Sometime ago, my son said something that struck me very deeply.  He is a wonderful boy, and gives me a lot to write about.  Lol!  Anyway, we had been talking and he stood up to throw something away.  He threw it in the bin and said something.  He said “throw yourself away to Jesus.”  I asked him to repeat what he said and he did “throw yourself away to Jesus.”  Waoh!  I knew he wasn’t just talking, the Spirit of God was saying something through him.  THROW YOURSELF AWAY TO JESUS!

When you throw something away, that’s it, it’s gone.  You’ve let it go!  Given it up.  You can’t use it anymore because it’s thrown away.  You’ve completely detached yourself from that thing not just physically but in your mind as well.  You’re rid of it.  It’s discarded.  The only way you get it back is if you never truly detached yourself from it in your mind.  The term “throw away” does not assume you’ll be going back for it.  It assumes the thing and you are completely parted.  So, by throwing yourself away to Jesus, you are completely giving up yourself to Him.

Jesus becomes your new owner!  Whatever becomes your experience from then on is what He wills to be your experience.  You no longer have control over your life, it’s now Him that decides what your life would be like.

No wonder, we are told to renew our minds so that we can have the mind of Christ.  For as we renew our minds, we are able to clearly see and follow His will for our lives.  If we don’t, our lives seem confused.  Why?  Because we are trying to do what we can no longer do.  We are trying to remain in control of our lives, following our own will when we no longer have it; we no longer have possession of it.  See Galatians 2:20.

How then can I continue to make plans for the pair of shoes I have thrown away when it’s no longer in my possession?  I have thrown it away to somebody else.  It’s theirs now.  From the moment I threw it away to them, the decisions concerning the shoes lies with its new owner.  I will only distress and frustrate myself if I keep going back to direct the person concerning the shoes, especially when they have other plans.  And guess what?  They will usually follow their plans.  Uhh!!!  What frustration!

This here is the reason why some of God’s people are so challenged.  We have not thrown ourselves away to Jesus in our minds.  We still try to direct our lives… but Jesus has other plans.

Dear Reader, throwing yourself away to Jesus is not just giving Him your spirit, it is completely giving Him your thinking, your attitudes, your character, your everyday living just as Romans 12:1-2 states.  It is giving up your mind for His; to be renewed in the spirit of your mind as in the text.  Jesus has great plans for us!  Whatever plans we have for ourselves can never ever even begin to compare with His plans.  So, let’s allow our lives enjoy the full, rich and satisfying life, full of beauty, sweetness, contentment and abundance that Jesus has set before us.  Therefore, don’t just say you are with Jesus, throw yourself away to Him.


The Lord is watching over His word to perform it in your life this week.  Surely, His plans of victory and progress for you are your experience.  In the glorious name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen!  Remain thrown away to Jesus!!



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4 thoughts on “ARE YOU THROWN AWAY?

  1. Gloria Ike says:

    Wow! This is so profound PS Ehi! Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, He has perfected praise, Alleluia! This message got me praising God for my life in Christ Jesus. Truly! Only in throwing ourselves to Jesus, that we can enjoy a perfect life. Yes! It is possible to enjoy a perfect life. Jesus will never leave us alone, little wonder the bible tells us… Looking unto Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.
    Oh Alleluia! I am satisfied with Jesus everyday… In Him I live, move and have my existence, now, it makes so much sense…. Casting my cares upon Him… I don’t get to worry about my life anymore ‘cos He is in charge now! This is peace of mind! Praise God! Thank you for sharing this truth and may God continue to use your son to perfect His praise in this life, in Jesus name, amen!


  2. Nkiru Akpan says:

    Indeed we have to re evaluate our Christian walk . Are we walking with Jesus or our old selves? Are we serving him or imitating the world? Have we truly died to self and really live for Christ. PS Ehi this message is profound. It gets you thinking and questioning our Christian walk. God help each of us to realign ourselves immediately. God bless


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