What do you need to know before you say, “I do!”

Who do you need to be before you say, “I do!”

How do you need to prepare before you say, “I do!”

Are you a single lady: never been married, divorced or widowed with an intention to remarry?  This training is for YOU!

35AC40A3-89AF-4AE2-8314-9B8309CF8F78The Lord said in Hosea 4:6 that His people are being destroyed for the lack of knowledge.  It is no secret that many marriages today are facing tough and devastating issues.  Many suffer depression.  Some lose their lives.  Many others are giving up on their marriage, and the children suffer it.  This has got to stop!

A major culprit of this is the lack of understanding or proper preparation before a man and a woman get married.

OWF promotes successful marriages and successful families.  We are committed to providing knowledge and support where needed to ensure there are more successful marriages and families.

Attend the 1 hour training on Sunday, 29 October!  It is an introduction to the subject.  We expect it to be very enlightening and life transforming.

Don’t attend alone. Invite a friend!

To participate: Go to Facebook, search for the Before I do by OWF Group. Request to join the Group.

The Group is currently a Closed Group – meaning, you can find it.  However, by 4:55pm on Sunday, 29th October, it will be changed to a Secret Group, and you will not be able to find it except someone in the Group add’s you.

Let’s take advantage of this opportunity!!