Happy 2nd Birthday OWF!!

It all began on the 2nd of January, 2015.  There’s so much more ahead for OWF.

We declare that all the Lord set up this initiative for, all the Lord has spoken that He will do in the lives of His beautiful daughters and their families, the part the Lord has ordained for OWF to play in the building of economies and causing national growth and development, in building great businesses, restoring marriages, building successful marriages and families, as well as causing successful marriages to take place, will all happen as He has spoken it.  In the mighty name of Jesus. Amen!!

Through OWF, God is building a different specie of women – rare breed, women after God’s own heart, Jesus’ happy girls.  women who He will use greatly in these last days to establish, distribute and display the goodness, glory and great wealth of His kingdom here on earth.

We invite you to join us!  Fill out the membership form HERE

What Now! When the Writing Wanes

I started off this year very excited because I could see exactly where I was going. I started my blog and couldn’t wait to fill up my website with pages and posts. I excitedly told my family and friends of my progress and they were excited for me.

My guest post

There I was, hitting all the social networking sites I had heard of. There I was, reading up on how to connect on these sites. There I was, making connections, both old and new. There I was, writing and reeling out my posts. There I was, checking with one eye closed, to see my site visits and views. There I was, waiting for the notifications “comment waiting your approval” in my email inbox.

Suddenly! I’m in front of my computer, fingers on keyboard but not pressing. Suddenly! the words fly off my head. Suddenly! I almost can’t think. Suddenly! I want to write like her, and her...read more

My guest post on Blogs by Christian Women


I am me!


I am me

I’ll never be you

If I were you

I’ll never be me

If you were me

You’ll never be you

Quit wanting me to think like you

Quit wanting me to make decisions like you

Quit wanting me to do things like you

Quit wanting me to be like you

For if I were you

There’ll never be you

I am thankful…


I am thankful to God for the smile upon my face, for the laughter in my mouth, for the joy in my heart, for the dancing in my feet, for the twinkle in my eyes… Nobody does me like He does. Father you have been good to me!                                       Ehi Zedomi

Share with me dear sister, what are you thankful for today?