We are learning and focusing on FOLLOWING GOD this month.  Therefore, we are learning to recognize the voice of God to us, learning to listen for the voice of God to us and practicing following His voice.  We realize that we were created for a purpose and cannot experience true fulfillment in life except we are living the purpose for which we exist.  Following His voice is living out His will for our lives; living out the purpose for our existence.

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Trust God’s intention’s for you and MOVE FORWARD with His word for you.  His word will take you to your place of happiness with prosperity(wealth).  That which has tormented you and what you see before you are afraid of your rising to move forward.  Don’t let what you have experienced or the obstacle before you hinder you from moving at God’s word.  Trust God’s intentions for you.  There’s happiness with prosperity for you, waiting for your move.




Did you “unlearn” anything in the month of March?  Don’t forget you unlearned it!  Well, April is a month of grace for you!


It is not a coincidence that this new month which begins a new quarter, starts on the Resurrection Sunday, which is the start of a new week! So, …

Enjoy a great new quarter
Enjoy an amazing new month
Enjoy a fantastic new week
Have a blast this new day, it’s the start of new life!! New level of glory, greatness and plenty for you! He will do it all, for His name’s sake.
Enjoy the grace of God in a different and special way this month.


I pray that this quarter, month, week and day marks the start of something new, special and amazing in your life.  This is resurrection day!  This is your resurrection into the life Jesus came for you to have.  I declare that it is a new level of glory, greatness and plenty for you and your family.  I declare that you will flourish like the trees of Lebanon.  You will prosper like you never imagined possible.  You will not be in the dark as per what to do at anytime for the Spirit of God will lead you, He will guide you, He will show you what to do, show you what steps to take.  The hand of God rests upon you mightily in this new season of your life.  The Lord has blessed you to be fruitful therefore this month you will produce good, you will produce greatness by the help of the Holy Spirit.  He that began a good work in you will complete it.  Therefore your profiting shall be evident for all to see.  The difference in you will show this new month, and kings will attach themselves to you.  Never fear what man can do to you because God is for you!  Therefore, no persons without bodies or with bodies can successfully stand against you.  Congratulations on this new level!  It’s a month of grace!  God will defend His word in your life.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen!!

God bless you specially!



Did you “Get Understanding” in the month of February?  What will you do with the understanding you got?  Be productive this month!


This is the time to get quiet before the Lord so that He can expose those things that are not His in you. God needs you to be fruitful and multiply, but unless a seed first dies when it is planted, it cannot bear fruit (John 12:24). This is a good time to rejoice because it time for your greatness and fame.


I pray that this month the Spirit of God will open your eyes and give you the wisdom you need to truly change your life. There will be testimonies of your transformation this month. Those things you have been praying for, YOU will uproot them out of your life this month. I bless you with wisdom and intelligence to know God personally this month. You will hunger and thirst for God this month; for truth. I bless you with the strength and courage to follow His voice. You will laugh this month. You will rejoice this month. You will breath easy this month. You will not lack anything good this month. Life will be easier for you this month. You will make progress. You will move forward and excel. Your life will make a difference to you and somebody else this month. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen!


God bless you specially!!




Did you get ready for 2018 in November?  Did you receive strategies from the Lord?  Your story is going to get more amazing in this month of December!


Ten lepers cried out to Jesus (Luke 17:11-19. He looked at them and directed them to go and show themselves to the priest. That was all He said. Jesus did not lay His hands on them neither did He speak a direct word of healing on them. On their way to the priest, they noticed they were healed. Only one of them acknowledged it was Jesus who did it. And so, he returned to say thank you to Jesus. His acknowledgement that it was Jesus, led to his “thank you” to Jesus, which ultimately led to his wholeness.

Acknowledge it has been Jesus, acknowledge it was Jesus and say “Thank you” to Jesus. It’s doesn’t matter if you didn’t hear Him say a direct word to you or feel His presence doing it, it was still Him. Who put food on your table? He gave you a roof over your head? Who gave you the idea that elevated you? Who woke you up this morning? … Just like a password that opens the doors of the treasury, watch your acknowledgment and thank you open new and greater doors even in the last days of this year, and watch it, like riding on a flying carpet, swoop you triumphantly into your waiting palace and kings.


I declare that in this month of December you will experience wholeness and fulfilment. Joy, peace and thanksgiving fills your heart. Your mouth shall sing the praises of your Lord and He shall direct your path into greater victories, greater testimonies and greater ideas and strategies. He who sees and knows the end from the beginning shall direct your path. The Lord stands right there with you to ensure your successful closure of the year 2017, and your successful entrance into the glorious year 2018. All things are working together for your good right now to ensure you end this year dancing and rejoicing and that you enter into 2018 doing the same. Your life is full of testimonies. No weapon of the enemy fashioned against you shall prosper. It has been God all the while, that is the reason you are alive today. It was God who caused them to favour you, and it is God who will make it happen even bigger, greater, more satisfying and more beautiful in your life. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!! Let the praise begin!!!

God bless you specially!!


1097B25D-0D67-4AAF-883F-E6BD4A0C4CD4Did you have testimonies in October! Well, there’s plenty loud shouting and rejoicing in November!!


As you transit into the palace, 2018, you must prepare yourself to stand before kings. What are you going to do? Are you going to sit around and wait for when you are called into the palace? Are you going to be focusing on what you may be currently experiencing, that you have allowed to restrain your mind from seeing paradise ahead? Or are you going to get yourself ready to step in with dignity, ready to be positioned for the release of the greatness you carry in you? Your expectations will not be cut off! It is time to change those clothes, strip off of you those ideas, those strategies, any weights and any strongholds that have been a stumbling block. In this transition, stock up on the qualities that will cause kings to bow before you. In your place of quietness, obtain from the Holy Spirit your 2018 plan with clarity.


I declare that in this month of November you will experience bouts of unexplainable rejoicing. You will experience the manifested presence of God as He gives you your blueprint for 2018. I declare that in this month, you will see possibilities, you will see visions, your passion will burn! I prophesy that the kings you will stand before in 2018, are taking position right now in readiness for your arrival. This month, you will see YOU as God has made you to be. No influence that shields your mind from seeing who you truly are; an amazing solution, will be able to stand in your life this month. You are lifted! You are clothed in glory! You make progress! You are at rest, at peace! I prophesy that you will hear the voice of God clearly showing you the way to go. November for you is a month of rejoicing with loud shouts, as the Lord dresses you up for your paradise palace eagerly awaiting you in 2018. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!! Scream for joy!!!!!!!

Jesus loves you extravagantly! Never lose this focus.

See you this Saturday at PROPEL! Glory!!!