NOVEMBER 20 – 26, 2016

“Lord, you are my refuge! Don’t let me down! (Psalm 71:1 TLB)

Sometime last year, my 6 year old son learnt to say, “I can count on you” and “you can count on me” from one of his favourite cartoon shows.  I was amazed and excited the first time I heard him say those words, my heart melted… and came back together again. Lol!

I had just corrected him firmly for something he did that he shouldn’t have done.  My son is a very intelligent and smart young man.  After correcting him, he got to work on trying to impress me.  When I sent him on an errand afterwards, he quickly got to it and returned to me almost immediately with the errand done, and then he said to me, “you can count on me mummy.”  Oh my!  I made him repeat himself.  I was very touched by his words, and the very sincere way he said them.

Later in the day, he had been playing and hurt his leg.  It was a very tiny scratch though, but since he was still working on getting my attention, he acted like it was something really big.  Anyway, I didn’t want to be a ‘damper’ so I joined in the act.  I got some medication to apply on the very tiny, almost invisible scratch.  Just as I was about to apply it, I heard him say “I can count on you mummy.”  Oh my God!  Those words rang deep in my heart.  It wasn’t an act for me anymore, I focused on applying that medication attentively, with so much love in my heart.  Those words completely changed it for me.

My son was telling me with those words that he trusts me and he knows I love him so much more than enough to take care of him and help him heal the scratch on his leg.  He was telling me he depends on me and he knows I won’t let him down.  These were the thoughts that came to me when I saw the text, “Lord, you are my refuge! Don’t let me down!”

Such words David spoke, I believe were the kind that touched God’s heart and made Him want to do anything for David.  Not just do anything for him, but I believe they made God enjoy David’s company as well.  I only a few years back understood what Jesus meant by ‘the poor in spirit’ in Matthew 5:3, “Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” KJV

The poor in spirit are those who humble themselves before the Lord.  They are those who show total dependence on the Lord.  They are those who know that without God they can do absolutely nothing!  They are those who the Lord is literally their refuge.  They are those who trust the Lord with their lives.  These are those who say to the Lord, “I can count on you Lord, don’t let me down.” 

Dear precious Reader, just as my son’s words made me attend with so much love to caring for him, our words and our attitude to God indicating that we can count on Him, position us to enjoy the very best of His love for us.  When He says I will be with you, He is in fact saying, “you can count on me.”  No matter what your expectations are, whether big or small or ‘impossible’ your God is able enough and loves you enough to meet you at the point of your need.  You can count on Him!  And yes, you can surely count on Him to launch you into a new and higher level of glory, greatness and plenty in the coming year. He won’t let you down.


I pray that this week, you will experience victories that will strengthen your faith and trust in God. The Lord will show up where you need Him, you can count on Him.  He won’t let you down.  In Jesus’ mighty name, Amen!  Enjoy your week!



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