October 29 – NOVEMBER 9, 2017

“O my people, trust him all the time. Pour out your longings before him, for he can help. (‭Psalm 62‬:‭8 TLB).

I took a matter that had been on my mind to the Lord, saying to Him that I didn’t want patience to have its full course in the matter anymore.  I asked Him to sort it out without making me go through the perfecting system of patience.

“Lord, if it’s the lesson I need to learn, I’ve learnt it.  You know me, and you have seen that I am not ready for patience in this matter anymore.  I have been patient enough.  If what you are doing is pruning me, prune me already.  Cut off whatever needs to be cut off.  I get the lesson.  You’re for me my Lord, you’re for me.  End this thing.”  I let out at my dear Father, God.  Who of course I could imagine smiling and saying “relax my daughter.  Just a little while longer.”

I sat down to study Psalm 62.  Immediately I looked in and saw verse 1 in my bible (TLB), “I stand silently before the Lord, waiting for him to rescue me…”  The words that jumped out of my mouth immediately were “No Lord, I don’t want to be silent, I want to talk! I’m tired of waiting!”  All of a sudden I began to laugh at myself.  All my angels in waiting probably joined in the laughter because I seemed so silly.  But that’s just me and my Father.  We’re close like that.

Looking at the text (Psalm 62:8), I never want to be unable to have a conversation with my God in that manner.  I don’t want to be like the brother of the Prodigal son.  I want to be able to go to my Father with anything and say it the way I feel pressed to, knowing He won’t be mad at me.  I believe He wants me to trust Him and be free in His presence to that extent.

Growing up, my dad would hold meetings with us -his children.  At these meetings, we were all equals.  Of course we knew who was daddy, but he let us completely spill out whatever was in our heart and however we wanted to.  It could get very heated but we felt his need for us to be open to him which I believe helped him to help us, and made us trust his love for us.

Dear Reader, be free to pour out your longings before God because He can help.  Be free to tell Him as it is or as it hurts us.  He is for you and He wants to help.  Do not go to Him as a stranger or a child afraid of their Father but as a child who knows s/he is deeply loved by their Father.


I pray that nothing will stop you from enjoying the presence of the Lord.  I pray that you will freely open up your heart to Him knowing He deeply loves you and is 100% willing, ready and able to help you.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen!  Enjoy your week!



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