FEBRUARY, 11 – 17, 2018

“People will make weapons to fight against you, but their weapons will not defeat you. Some people will say things against you, but anyone who speaks against you will be proved wrong.” (‭Isaiah‬ ‭54:17‬a ERV‬‬)

Let no one knock you off the path to the destination of God for your life.  Before we were conceived in our mother’s womb, we were set on a course by God to arrive at a certain destination.  Immediately we enter into this world, there is a pull from our “approved” destination, to get us there successfully; our approved destinations is good, acceptable and perfect.   The path we must follow to get to our destination is our destiny.

Destiny is defined as the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.  It is also defined as the hidden power believed to control future events in a person’s life.  This hidden power, is the power of your destination.

When the phrase “It was destined to happen” is used, it means that that particular event was necessary to happen in a person’s path to their destination.  The destination God set us towards, is a good one.  The purpose of God for our lives is a good one.  The necessary events that must happen on our path may not always look good or favourable to us, but trust me, it will all work together for our good if we understand that unless we give it power to work against us (believing that it is a disadvantage to us), it has no power in itself to do so.

As we progress on our path, our experiences help us release our true self so that we can successfully arrive at our destination.  If however we get discouraged, frustrated, upset and give up, we find ourselves circulating the same step or stray from our path.  As long as we keep our focus on our destination, no matter what we experience, we will make progress towards our destination.

Matthew 6:33 can be interpreted as “Keep your focus on progressing toward your destination, and everything you need in this life, at whatever time you need it, will be added unto you.  Read MANAGE YOUR LIFE

This destination is what the enemy comes against you for, so that you do not arrive there.  Just like Jesus, you are here to spoil the works of the evil one.  And I tell you, that devil will stop at nothing to stop you.  That is why you must be armed with understanding.

The weapons of the enemy fashioned against you are designed to stop you from arriving at your destination.  His plan is to knock you off your “approved” path to a path where he has destined you for destruction.  But, as long as you remain on our path, the angels of God are mandated to protect you.  They don’t only protect you, they also protect anyone who the enemy can use as bait to distract you.  The Lord knows that if the enemy cannot get at you, he will try to get at your children or loved ones to distract you, so He mandates the angels to protect them for your sake.

Dear Reader, with this understanding, know that it is you that makes the weapons of the enemy fashioned against you not to prosper.  Discover your destination and keep your focus on it.  Believe that all things work together for your good.  Believe that every encounter on your path has come to unlock new steps for you to climb up higher towards your destination.  Fear not!  For the devil is afraid of the person who has understanding.

That devil may not know it, but that challenge he threw at you, was a necessary event for you to arrive at your destination.  His plan was to distract you by throwing challenging situations at you, but the power at work in you is greater than any situation you can ever face.  Resist the devil with this knowledge and understanding.  No complaints, no retaliations at the people he uses against you (remember your fight is not against persons with bodies)… you are not ignorant of his devices.  Resist him and he will flee from you (James 4:7).


I pray that you will not fret or get worried at any situation you face this week that seems unfavourable. I pray that you will rejoice instead, recognising it’s a necessary event towards your move forward. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen!! Enjoy a successful week!



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  1. Gloria says:

    Amen! Wow PS Ehi! This article is loaded! So many lessons to learn from it and digest. At the moment, I’m questioning some events in my life and I can see that there were destined to happen – to bring me to an expected end. I’m at peace, knowing I can never be disadvantaged. I rejoice because God is with me and His Spirit is helping me stay focused on my destination. I’m so blessed by this article. God bless you real good dear PS Ehi!


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