MeetMeUp in Lagos – Release That Woman

July 2nd, 2016

The event held at the beautiful IBIS Hotel on Toyin Street in Ikeja.  It was a truly uplifting and rewarding experience as the house was inspired by the success story of one of our precious sisters.  The house was also inspired by the GM of TW Magazine, representing the editor of the magazine.  The day coincided with our OneVoice Day, a day set aside to pray for and connect with a sister in the network, and so we spent some time praying for one another.

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A major feature at the event was SisterTalk.  The talk was a very important and really heated one that no one wanted to leave when it was time to go home.  At this event, OWF initiated the “ManTalk.”  While it is commonplace for programs and talkshows to be set up to tackle issues women face, it is not so for the men.  In OWF we believe that it is time for men to begin to openly have some very serious conversations, especially concerning marriage.  It was an absolutely beautiful, inspiring, educative and liberating time.  Of course, the MarketPlace was set and some good sales were made.


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Event Speakers

A very special thank you to all our speakers.

Ehi Zedomi.  Ndali Ojeikere.  Eunice Adetola.  Carol King.  Kehinde Eboru (GM TW Magazine).  Pastor Johnny and Moyosola King.  Leslie George

Event Partners

A very special thank you to our OWF Partner for always making our events space beautiful.

Xidoex EventsSam Edosomwan