JANUARY 14 – 20, 2018

“Then Pharaoh sent and called Joseph, and they brought him hastily out of the dungeon. But Joseph [first] shaved himself, changed his clothes, and made himself presentable; then he came into Pharaoh’s presence.” (Genesis 41:14 AMP)

Welcome to your palace!  Welcome to 2018!  The Lord began speaking clearly to me about 2018 in October of 2017.  Then in November 2017, He said to get ready to enter into our palace in 2018.  I encourage you to spend some time to read these devotionals: GOING PUBLIC, UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIALS, YOU NEED A STRATEGY and YOUR SYSTEM’S SPECIFICATIONS.

If you require change in your life, you must change the way you’ve done things.  To change your attitude and thoughts to that which will bring about the change you want, you must change your mindset.  Until your mindset changes, you will continue to perceive things and analyze things the same way, resulting in the same kinds of experiences.  You can never be wiser than your mindset.  Read HOW ARE YOUR THOUGHTS PATTERNED?  Your mindset is the boundary of your wisdom.   And it is your wisdom that determines how your life will turn out (Proverbs 8:35).

The first time we read of Joseph’s clothing in the Bible was when His father, Jacob, gave him a coat of many colours.  Although his clothing wasn’t mentioned at the slave auction but at that time, slaves were sold naked.  The clothes they wore after they were bought were given to them by their slave masters.  Joseph remained a slave even when he was imprisoned.  However, when it was time for Joseph to take position in his palace, he knew there had to be a change of clothes.

The clothes you wear identify you, they represent you.  Spiritually, it represents your mindset, your attitude, your thoughts, who you are.  The bible instructs us to put on Christ (Romans 13:14).  Wear Christ on spiritually as you wear on your clothes physically.  Ephesians 4:23-24 is explicit in helping us understand that the putting on of Christ is changing our thoughts and attitude to the thoughts and attitude of Jesus Christ.

When Joseph was quickly rushed (they ran) into the palace to see Pharaoh, rather than allow the guards take him to Pharaoh dressed as a slave prisoner, Joseph FIRST (the bible says), went to shave his beard and change his clothes.  That is the first time we see Joseph dress himself up.  No longer will he be identified with the identity others had given him.  He will from then on, be identified as the Joseph he saw himself as – one fit for the palace.

Before the palace, Joseph went from one challenge to another.  Reading about his early years, it was obvious that Joseph had an arrogance about him that couldn’t support his vision.  He seemed a proud person, and God sets Himself against the proud (James 4:6).  Joseph was a Shepherd boy, but when his brothers went out of town to feed their Father’s flock, Joseph didn’t go with them.  Instead, his Father sent him to check on his brothers. Although we read that Jacob sent him to check that his brothers were doing well, I believe Jacob was mainly sending Joseph to check out what his brothers were up to  so he could report back to him (Genesis 37:2).

The path to our palace is usually lined with very unfavourable circumstances.  We often times go through quite a beating.  Sometimes, it is very hard to see any escape from the negative experiences. But, all things work together for our good. If we would acknowledge God even in those situations, rather than it destroying us, it will lead us right into our palace.  All the while the enemy thought he was winning against you with all the troubles he was bringing your way, you were actually being pruned, trained, refined and moulded to take your position in your palace.  Until you have a different attitude concerning all you have been experiencing, you will continue to walk the path.

On arrival at the palace, Joseph could have gone straight to stand before Pharaoh dressed in his prison clothes, interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams and returned back to the prison. Have you found yourself in a place where it seemed your troubles were finally over, your expertise, your talent is finally recognised, your life will not be the same again, then all of a sudden, you seem to be back where you came from?  Well, that’s because your mindset, your attitude did not change to support your new position.

Dear Reader, on arrival at your palace, the first thing to do is change your thinking!  You must unlearn to learn.  There are changes that must take place.  There are people who you must walk away from.  There are traditions you must let go of.  You must see yourself the way God sees you.  You must redefine you, and not define yourself by the experiences you have had; they happened to get you here.  Now that you are here, they are material for your message.  Forgive those who caused you hurt and pain.  Forgive those who almost led you to your death.  Forgive those who imprisoned you.  Without their wickedness, Joseph may have never reached his palace; you may have never reached your palace.

Your palace is the place of your paradise.  It is the place of the enjoyment of the possessions the Lord has lavished you with.  Your palace is the place of your authority.  Your palace is the place of your manifestation; the place where your solution is sought after.  Your palace is the place of the manifestation of the power of God in your life.  Your palace is the place of the true knowledge of who you are.  Your palace is the place where you live your dreams.

You have come to the end of going around a mountain!  However, you must change your thinking.  If you don’t, you will peep into the promised land, pick fruits from there as evidence that you entered in, and then, return to the mountain.  Why will you return?  Because you did not change to be able to support your new position.  During the construction of a building, the foundation must be deep enough to support the building itself, otherwise the building will eventually collapse.  You cannot put new wine in old wineskins (Matthew 9:17).  The skin will burst and the wine spilled.  You cannot live new life with old mindset, you will return to your old life, and that is destructive.  You cannot be positioned in your palace with your old knowledge, old attitude and old thinking.  You must upgrade!  Hold hands with Inspirational Truth with Ehi Zedomi, let’s do the upgrade together.


This is your time!  This is your palace!  Nothing can stop you!  Nothing can hold you down!  Nothing can keep you stagnant!  Nothing can draw you backwards!  This is your time to reign in your palace.  I declare in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth that the Lord God Almighty is right there with you directing you and empowering you to take your steps.  I declare that you are positioned, you are sought after, your life is full of richness and satisfaction.  I declare that the Lord is making an impact in other people’s life through yours.  Hallelujah!  Amen!!  Enjoy a great week!



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