As the temple of the Lord, each one of us is the house of the Lord, and we are a house of prayer.  In prayer we receive instructions, directions, strategies and clarity from our Father, who sent us on a mission to this world.  In prayer we make our requests; for ourselves and others, ask questions, establish changes, declare our gratitude and just have a laugh with our Father.  Fully dressed in the whole armour of God, we pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.

743D992A-517A-4E1D-BF65-0BB6442AFDBDOneVoice is the prayer arm of OWF.  God has given us the authority to either permit things to happen or disallow things from happening here on earth.  However, we need His power to make things happen.  Thankfully, He has also given us full access to His awesome power!  Therefore, using our authority over the earth, whatever we permit, His mighty power ensures it is permitted, and whatever we disallow, His mighty power ensures it is disallowed.

OneVoice is a week long prayer exercise, which rounds off on the first Saturday of the month during PROPEL.

Click link below for Prayer Guide.  If you have any prayer requests, use the form below.


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