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Do you feel there’s more to your life and want to learn exactly who you are?  Do you feel dissatisfied with your life and want to live an unapologetically enjoyable and fulfilling life?  Do you want to enjoy a successful marriage?  Do you want to be prepped for a successful marriage?  Do you want to be a part of an improvement and accountability group?  Do you want to connect with beautiful and forward moving women?  Do you want to manifest the glory and wealthy life of the kingdom of God?  Do you want to be a successful business owner and professional?  Do you want to be a great part of improving your community?  How does receiving intensive care, help and support sound to you?


You are invited!  Join the OWF Connect Club

8A480792-69EB-4CD6-BD12-544B6F586353The OWF Connect Club is a sisterhood community of fulfilled and fabulous women after God’s own heart, passionately committed to their personal development ministry – effectively developing themselves to fulfill the purpose for their existence and enjoying a rich, full and satisfying life.  Members of the OWF Connect Club are also passionately committed to carrying out their personal discipleship ministry as commissioned by Jesus in Matthew 28:16-20.

Although our target audience is married women, our programs, activities and tools equip and prepare the single woman (never married, divorced or widowed) for a successful life and marriage that they will truly enjoy.

It is a very sad thing to know that too many women suffer quietly in their own pain and challenge not being able to share it with anyone who can if nothing else, pray with her.  This is not necessarily because there is no one in her life to share her pain with, but that she is unable trust those she knows.  Some women truthfully withhold sharing their victories for fear that the other may become jealous and… who knows.  The OWF Connect Club provides for each woman, a sister who is after the same goal as she is – living fulfilled – discovering, living and enjoying her life.  In my research and observations, I have found that too much more than a handful of Christian women, especially the married ones, live unfulfilled and dissatisfied lives.

Through the Connect Club, OWF is able to effectively help women learn to excel in the management of their lives, so that they achieve a balance and experience fulfillment across every area of their lives as:

  • Individuals
  • Women
  • Wives
  • Mothers
  • Neighbours and;
  • Gifts to the world

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