OWF Connect Club


OWF Connect Club (OCC) is a network community of women after God’s own heart, inspiring, educating and empowering each other to live fulfilled lives and providing women the opportunities to develop themselves so that they can function effectively in their God-given role as the catalyst and lifeline for economic growth and social development.

Our community of fulfilled and fabulous women is spread across the globe and is for women from age 26 years.

  • Women aged 26 years but still undergraduates are not eligible.
  • Women aged 26 years or less but married and out of graduate school are eligible.

Through our Connect Clubs, we are able to provide our members a structured system for:

  • Developing the faith, trust, strength and character they require to live fulfilled.
  • Exposing, expanding and selling their business.
  • Learning, improving and developing home management skills.
  • Effectively contributing to the growth and development of their communities.
  • Learning to enjoy their everyday lives.
  • Learning, improving and developing their sense of fashion, beauty, fitness and healthy living.
  • Developing wholesome relationships.
  • Dealing with the issues that hinder them from enjoying their everyday lives.


To become a member of OCC, you must complete the membership registration form below.  Membership registration is free!


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