OWF’s Depression Cause

Spreading the awareness of Depression among women and providing a lasting solution to it is a cause OWF supports.  Too many have suffered and still suffer from this condition that is preferred to be kept in silence.  While we recommend medical treatment, OWF will mainly approach it with the Word of God and our sisterhood.

Our talk show, SisterTalk Live which features at most of our events provides women the opportunity to talk about issues hindering them from truly enjoying their lives, and we tackle these issues from a godly perspective.  So far the results have been very positive.  Respecting the privacy of our sisters, the SisterTalk Live shows are not aired for public viewing.

Through our sisterhood, our community of women whose hearts are after God’s own heart, depression has no chance of thriving in the life of any of our sisters. A sister has this testimony “As the other women started posting their thanks and gratitudes, that depression that was threatening to come upon me just disappeared and I started seeing the important things to thank God for. This forum is achieving its purpose.”

How do you know you are depressed? How can you tell if someone is depressed? Read article on DEPRESSION in the OWF Medical Corner.

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