JUNE 3RD, 2017

The Lord had said before the event that it would be the best we ever had.  However, the day began with rain.  The downpour was heavy.  The kind of rain that made you want to curl up in bed.  True to His words, it turned out to be the best ever.  Was it about the attendance?  No.  It was about the manifestation of the presence of God.  The anointing of God was undeniably tangible.  The words of prophecy and knowledge.  Liberation, Faith, Courage, Favour!!! We truly were propelled to a new and higher level of success, to enjoy in greater measures, a rich, full and satisfying life that overflows to others.  The Lord set us, positioned us to enjoy an amazing month of June.

After a thanksgiving and praise session to the Lord for the past month of May, we took some time to pray for our dear precious sisters who celebrated their birthday in the month of May, and would be celebrating in the month of June.  We were given a short lecture by the Founder, Ehi Zedomi, on OWF as God’s Strategy to show forth His glory, His goodness, His greatness and His wealth; God’s strategy to show forth life in the kingdom.  Her lecture depicted the successful woman as an OWF woman.  We also spent some time to discuss during our SisterTalk, the notion, which is an issue for the majority of women, that men respect and love women who are successful in monetary terms.

We successfully debunked it replacing the faulty idea with God’s true idea of what success is, and concluding that the women that men respect and love are women after God’s own heart, who know their value and their worth and are living their purpose. The focus is not to be a woman that men would love and respect, but to be a woman who glorifies the Lord on earth by completing down to the last detail what He assigned her to do (John 17:4 MSG).  Finally, it was prayer and prophecy time to propel all present onward and forward gloriously and successful through an amazing month of June. Also featured at the event was the OWF MarketPlace.  We had a truly inspiring, educative, liberating, empowering and transforming time.

A special thank you to Xidoex Events for once again dressing up our event beautifully!