What a phenomenal time it was for ALL those present!  The program proper started with a beautiful session of praise and thanksgiving to God for a successful month of September.  Spontaneously, testimonies burst forth from the lips of the precious sisters on the love and kindness the Lord had shown to them in September, including previous months.  It was simply amazing to be a part of the joy, gratitude and celebration that charged the atmosphere.

We were educated by the CEO of Second Look Jewelry, Bolanle Adedayo, during our new Fabulosity segment on the best ways to accessorize, avoiding fashion blunders.  It was a very enlightening segment.  Another new segment introduced was the Giveaway!  As the segment was introduced some precious sisters keyed in to be a part of those giving away gifts, starting with Second Look Jewelry, graciously giving away a beautiful vintage bead set (necklace, earrings and bracelet).  Other giveaways included a set of 3 books by Ebere Njoku, a delicious park of cupcakes and two Swiss head ties.  The highlight was the OWF giveaway, a lovely classic vintage jewelry set by Second Look Jewelry.  It was an amazing time!  The atmosphere was charged with joy, cheers and screams as winners were picked from the ballot box.  Even those who didn’t go home with a material gift, went home with joy – the best gift.

Our SisterTalk topic was based on Matthew 16:9.  From Jesus’ statement in the text, is it possible that there are some marriages that God did not join together?  Our guest speaker, Anne Nashika Akinwe, shed very power light on this topic.  It was a very engaging, enlightening, liberating and intense session.  Some sisters testified on how they were immensely blessed by the tackling of this issue that has led many women into depression, with some even losing their lives.  This topic continues in our November 4th, PROPEL.

The SisterTalk led us into a session of the Word and Prophecy as Ehi Zedomi inspired all to commit to be joyful, to be happy, by committing to the presence of the Lord.  Commitment to the presence of God, to joy and happiness means commitment to other areas of one’s life, which leads to successful living.  She urged the precious sisters to be committed to themselves, committed to who they are as women, as valuable women relevant to God’s program, and committed to developing themselves to function effectively as the catalyst and lifeline of the growth and development of mankind and society.  The presence of God was evident in our midst as the word and prophecy was released.  It was beautiful and empowering.

Of course!  Our MarketPlace bubbled with selling and orders.  And our children had fun time in the playground of our venue, Alice in Wonderland School.

The Lord is indeed establishing us.

A special thank you to Xidoex Events for once again dressing up the event beautifully!

Event Speakers

A very big thank you to our speakers!

Ehi Zedomi.  Bolanle Adedayo.  Anne Nashika Akinwe.