JUNE 11 – 17, 2017

“The father instantly cried out, “I do believe, but help me overcome my unbelief!”” (‭‭Mark‬ ‭9:24‬ ‭NLT‬‬)

“Seeing is believing” is a very common phrase to mean “when I see it (in the physical) I will believe it.”  That’s not faith talk, is it?  Faith says you believe because God said, and when you believe it you will see it (in the physical).  However, I’m saying to you, seeing is believing.  Seeing means believing.  They are buddies.  You believe because you saw it and you see it because you believed it.

I’m not talking about seeing physically, I’m talking about seeing with the eyes of your mind.  You must have a solid picture of what the Lord has said, or where you are going to, or what you say you have or want to see.  It is the proof of your believing.  If you can’t yet see it, it is time to sit down with the Holy Spirit and the word in the place of meditation (studying, speaking, praying) to get that solid picture.  You can’t force yourself to get a picture, the Holy Spirit has to help you.

I say this ever so often because it is a truth we must be strongly conscious: we give whatever we believe the power to control our lives.  As living souls, if we do not consciously make our minds believe a thing, our minds will believe the information it repeatedly receives.  Most times, these information are contrary to God’s word.  How do we know what we believe?  What our mind repeatedly sees.  This means we must take out time to examine what our mind is seeing.

The children of Israel were excited to leave Egypt.  They had been praying for God to deliver them from the hands of the Egyptians whom they suffered greatly under.  Finally, God sent Moses.  I’m sure with every passing refusal of Pharaoh to let them go, they prayed even harder.  Some may have even resigned to a fate that Pharaoh would never let them go.  At that time, they did not have any stories of mighty miracles that the Lord did for them or for their Fathers, to hold on to, except the stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, which mostly were personal testimonies.  Their stories of mighty miracles came when God sent Moses to deliver them.  Even though it may have seemed to some that Pharaoh would never let them go, God brought them out of Egypt by His mighty hand..

Isn’t it just so amazing that this same children of Israel would wish to go back to that same Egypt after God had miraculously delivered them?  I wonder!  Was it so hard to believe that this God that had powerfully plagued the Egyptians, parted the Red Sea, turned bitter water into sweet water, brought water out of a rock, rained food down on them… would not be able to take care of them till the end?  I don’t know about you, but I’ll believe anything this God says!  What was their problem?

They heard but they could not see.  They heard of where God was taking them to, but they could not see in their minds where God was taking them to.  All their minds could see was Egypt!  Because they could not see where the Lord was taking them to, they complained and complained.  Man is that way, our mind must see something.  If it cannot see forward (progress), it would see backwards (stagnation, failure).  This is the reason some people can’t move forward. They can’t get their mind to see the success ahead, the victory ahead, the healing ahead, the provision ahead, the new position ahead… And so, they struggle to get ahead.  Today it looks good, tomorrow it doesn’t.

It’s like what Jesus implied in Matthew 13:15, that change happens when one hears and sees.  Your life goes in the direction of what your mind sees.  The place of seeing is the place of imagination.  God said concerning man when the Tower of Babel was being built that the thing they have imagined to do, nothing can stop them (Genesis 11:6).  However, before your mind can see, information must come to you and you have to receive and accept it.  Some people receive the information but don’t really accept it (believe).  It’s the place where you accept it as your truth, your place of persuasion that you physically see it.  Until Abraham was fully persuaded, Isaac never came. How many times have you said you believed something but still doubted it in your heart?  If you can’t accept it, you haven’t believed it.  When you believe it, you will see it because there will be inner pictures to go with your believing.

Sometimes, we say we believe, we really want to believe but we just can’t see it.  It is like in the text, the man said to Jesus, “I do believe but help me overcome my unbelief!”  In other words he was saying “I believe you can heal him but I cannot see him in any other state than the state he has been in. Please help me see him well.”  Do you say you believe God but cannot see that change or progress you desire?  The Bible doesn’t tell us how Jesus helped him but I believe the man caught a picture of his healed son in his mind.  If you can’t see it, ask the Holy Spirit to help you see.  This is serious business.  You must practice seeing through meditating (studying, speaking and praying) day and night, until your mind has a solid picture.

Remember this dear Reader, your mind must have a clear picture of where exactly you’re going to or what exactly you say you want or have.  Your mind must see what exactly God had said.  It is not enough to say we believe.  If we have no corresponding picture to our believing, then we have not yet truly believed (we are weak in faith (Mark 9:24 AMP).  Don’t force yourself to see pictures, ask the Holy Spirit in a place of quietness with the word to help you see.  When you catch that picture, practice seeing it repeatedly!


I declare that you are blessed with a solid picture of progress and victory, and they are your reality. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Amen! Go and see your way through this week!  God bless you!!



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