It is said that when one has the opportunity to speak about an issue they are facing, the issue is half solved.  The OWF SisterTalk Live not only gives women the opportunity to speak concerning the issues they face, we also tackle those issues from a godly perspective.  We have found this to be very effective in dealing with depression.

If you are facing any challenge and you do not know who to talk to, you can definitely talk to us.  If you want answers and you do not know where to get the answers from or who to get the answers from, we are here.  If there are topics you want addressed, please let us know.

We do not address these issues with our own understanding, we go to the word of God, to Jesus to resolve them.  Jesus has the answer to any question and the solution to any problem, and He is more that willing to let us have it.  That is the reason why every SisterTalk Live we have had, has been liberating.  For the sake of privacy, we do not air our SisterTalk Live, but we will definitely respond to your questions or requests when we receive them.

Go ahead and leave in the form below, your question, request or let us know the topic you want addressed.  Thank you!


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