Sister Take Action Now and Develop!

One Woman Fulfilled calls on women to recognise the growth and development catalyst and lifeline woman in them and release her.  We call on women to release the greatness in them and start now to effectively develop themselves, so that they can function excellently in their role of growing and developing the communities they belong to, both residential and occupational. 

One woman fulfilled is a people developed

STAND! calls on every woman to begin to live the life of fulfillment so that the greatness of the people in their sphere of influence can be released.

Our campaign theme is “RELEASE THAT WOMAN.”  The programs and projects we engage in create opportunities for women to be inspired, educated and empowered to discover and release their greatness, as well as provide opportunities for them to serve the solutions their greatness provide.


The OWF STAND! campaign trail event MeetMeUp, takes us from town to town, city to city, state to state, country to country, region to region, continent to continent spreading our message, changing lives and fundraising.

We have organised three MeetMeUp events so far, and they have all held in Lagos.

The campaign trail continues!  Watch this page for details of an event near you.