Finding Purpose – Part 2

Finally!! Part 2 of Finding Purpose is out!


If you want to know the purpose of a thing, who do you go to? You go to the creator of that thing. Only the creator can tell you why he created it, what he created it for and the functionality of the thing.

If however, you get the information from somebody else, that person either obtained the information from the creator in person, or read the creator’s manual. The person could also just be assuming based on his/her use of something similar. In this case, the abuse (abnormal use) of the thing is inevitable.

It is the same with us humans. There is a purpose for mankind. There is a purpose for the creation of YOU in particular, and only your creator, GOD can tell you your true purpose. Getting this knowledge from anywhere else will surely result in the abuse (abnormal use) of your gifts and talents (your functionality). Your gifts and talents are given to you to fulfil your purpose.

For a very long time, I felt very unfulfilled with my life. I knew my life had a purpose and I even had an idea of what it was but I just couldn’t get myself to begin living it. I tried to learn from many different books but with some of them, I was even more confused because most of them would ask me what me loved to do. Problem was, I loved to do quite a few things. Which one exactly is it?

When I just couldn’t take it anymore, I sat down with my bibles (I like to study with different translations of the bible), iPad, notebook and pencils, and then I said “Father God, I need to know. I need to know. Open my life up to me. Show me who exactly I am. Holy Spirit, the Bible says you will lead me into all truth. Lead me into the truth of who I am. I am ready to know.” That began a very beautiful journey of discovery.

I discovered that the Lord had been waiting for me to discover me. He needed me to know who I am more than I ever wanted to know. The whole of creation is waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. If the sons of God do not know who they are, what are they manifesting?

Until you know exactly what purpose you have been created for, you will not be able to affect your world with your light. You will not be able to eliminate the darkness in your world; God has given you solutions in your purpose to eliminate the darkness in the world around you.

Where exactly do I go to study in the bible to find out my purpose? You’re probably thinking. Well, the bible lets us know that as He is, so are we in this world. The question is “How is He?” Those were the thoughts that came to me.

I felt inspired in my spirit to go to the beginning, Genesis, to begin answering the question. I acted like I had never known God and was learning about Him for the first time. And oh my! What a discovery! As I began from Genesis 1, the Holy Spirit began to open up different passages to me.

I came out of that quest with a mission statement for my life; to inspire and empower others live fulfilled lives. And now, I help others discover their purpose using their creator’s manual (the Bible) with the very present help of the Spirit of the creator, the Holy Spirit, leading them into the truth of who they are.

I am a firm believer that the discovery of your purpose is the discovery of your money, your wealth. So, get ready for when you discover your purpose, you will surely discover your wealth.

More on your purpose and your wealth in my next post.

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Finding Purpose – Part 1

01edd52425868b1ebe513d30a2662382162aeaa9a5_00001I read a lot! I love reading. I love to research things and learn new things. I especially love to teach what I learn. I am a traditional reader. I prefer to read books in paper form. When I read, I jot down my thoughts, underline, highlight and stick post-it notes on the pages of the book.

In addition to Christian and Inspirational books, I read a lot of Management books as well. A couple years ago, I started reading biographies. If I had $1000 (one thousand dollars), I could spend it all on books and feel completely satisfied.

I love to read the bible. I have quite a number of bibles in different translations and I will be acquiring more.  There’s still a lot out there I don’t yet have. When I study the bible, I use “study bibles” but you know, the most interesting part for me is checking out verses in the different bible translations I have. I find that I get great understanding by doing so. In all your getting, get understanding, right? This helps!

Of course, the Holy Spirit is there to guide me, because sometimes, a bible verse may not be accurately translated by even the most popular translations. I always encourage people to buy bibles in different translations, as led by the Holy Spirit. And now, I am advising you to do the same! And use them! They are not to be displayed as home library decoration.

I read in the biography of E.W. Kenyon by Joe McIntyre, that his brother at some point during the start of his ministry said to him, the one who helps the people is the one who knows and preaches the Word of God.” That inspired me to delve deeper in my study of the bible. I believe that as the catalyst for growth and development, we women need to know the Word of God. We are here to help! Everyone of us have a people we have been sent to – no matter how small, how large, even if it is just one person – the knowledge of the Word of God will help us help them.

Have I read the bible from cover to cover? No, I haven’t! Have I tried to do so? Yes, I have? So, what happened? Why haven’t I still read the bible from cover to cover? I believe that the Lord works with each of us in very specific ways, depending on the purpose we are here in this life to fulfill. I believe that at very specific times in our lives, if we allow Him guide us, rather than be guided by principles, not only will we achieve more in our lives but we will focus on the relevant things. Please don’t misunderstand me, principles are great and important, but without the guidance of the Holy Spirit… (With every step you take, think about what he wants, and he will help you go the right way. Proverbs 3:6. ERV)

Not every word or story in the bible is relevant to me fulfilling my purpose, and so, the Holy Spirit is not going to be focusing my attention on them. Hun! Well, it is what I have discovered. There are a lot of passages I come across as I study but don’t quite have a full understanding of. Initially, I would try and try to understand those areas. I have even gone out to buy a new bible I thought would help me understand the passage, but still my understanding wouldn’t go deeper than I already had.

One day, I heard the voice of the Spirit of God within me say “Stop trying. Focus on where I open your understanding in.” You know, when you initially here such words, it’s hard to believe because God must most definitely want us to know everything in the bible, so, get thee behind me Satan.  Anyway, I knew it was His voice and so I believed and left those areas alone. I learnt from E.W. Kenyon that when I study, I should ask the Holy Spirit to open the bible up to me and make it a living thing in my spirit. I have found that it helps my focus as to areas to study in the bible.

It is most important for me to state here that I discovered my purpose from studying the bible. I had tried in the past to follow the steps written in books on how to discover one’s purpose, but I would get really confused with some of them because I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what I was called to do, out of the number of things I wanted to do. One day, in my cry to God to make me what He wants me to be, He opened some scriptures up to me in the bible that led me to my purpose.

More of how I discovered my purpose in my next post.

Did you find this read inspiring?  Have you discovered your purpose?  How do you study the bible?  Let me know! Leave a comment.

Reference: E.W. KENYON and His Message of Faith – The True Story by Joe McIntyre