In this week’s Inspirational Truth, “AMAZING GRACE,” I write that the work of God’s grace is to help you manage your life effectively, and help you thoroughly enjoy your life.  I encourage you to read it and share it with others.  I would also love to read your thoughts, kindly leave me a comment.  Thank you!  READ




I AM GUILTY!! Of being a #kingdomjunkie. Yep! #imworking

In this week’s Inspirational Truth, “ARE YOU WORKING?” I begin to share my thoughts as the Lord gave me understanding concerning this month’s focus, “UNLEARN!” What are we unlearning? What exactly does it mean to win your own soul? “My soul is won already! I am born again!” You may be saying. Let’s begin to clarify that thought together, so that we can live as God wants us to live. I encourage you to read it and share it with others. I would also love to read your thoughts, kindly leave me a comment. Thank you! READ!



I discovered that rather than destroy the earth (after Noah’s flood God said He would no longer destroy the earth with water), God would from time to time disrupt the normal flow of the earth’s system to introduce a new system. He would single out a person or a people for this change. I also discovered that this change or detour happened to bring His people back to Himself or to preserve His people, or when there was a failure in the current system at that time to carry out His purpose.

To mention a few:
This happened with Abraham (Genesis 12), when God singled him out to start a new nation through which He would bring all nations to Himself (the nations were deep in sin). This happened with Joseph (Genesis 39:2), when the blessing came upon him (The blessing was usually transferred from the carrier at his old age, and it travelled in the lineage of Jesus Christ. When Jacob transferred it at his old age, Judah got the juice of the blessing, not Joseph), but God used Joseph to preserve His people during the time of the famine. This also happened to Saul in the New Testament (Acts 9), when God completely went out of the norm to begin something new; bringing salvation to the gentiles and revealing the truth of Himself to bring the Jews, who had become religious, back to Himself.

In 2017, God said New Beginnings, New Manifestations. I observed that in many quarters, using different language, this word from the Lord was the same. I believe that the Lord is once again disrupting the norm to start something new, to bring His people back to Himself. And this time, He is using His women.

This is the time of the WOMAN!

This is the time of the woman prophet. This is the time of the kingdom. We are going to see more female ministers rise up from the churches, each running with a specific message from the Lord to bring God’s people back to His love. These women are not going to be the usual preachers. They will preach their message telling their life’s story and many will relate easily with their story, trusting the Lord again. These women will bring back the standard of the kingdom of God in the earth. Economies and peoples of the earth will experience growth and development because of these warriors of God. God’s mighty army.

This is the time of the woman!