We are learning and focusing on FOLLOWING GOD this month.  Therefore, we are learning to recognize the voice of God to us, learning to listen for the voice of God to us and practicing following His voice.  We realize that we were created for a purpose and cannot experience true fulfillment in life except we are living the purpose for which we exist.  Following His voice is living out His will for our lives; living out the purpose for our existence.

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Did you “Get Understanding” in the month of February?  What will you do with the understanding you got?  Be productive this month!


This is the time to get quiet before the Lord so that He can expose those things that are not His in you. God needs you to be fruitful and multiply, but unless a seed first dies when it is planted, it cannot bear fruit (John 12:24). This is a good time to rejoice because it time for your greatness and fame.


I pray that this month the Spirit of God will open your eyes and give you the wisdom you need to truly change your life. There will be testimonies of your transformation this month. Those things you have been praying for, YOU will uproot them out of your life this month. I bless you with wisdom and intelligence to know God personally this month. You will hunger and thirst for God this month; for truth. I bless you with the strength and courage to follow His voice. You will laugh this month. You will rejoice this month. You will breath easy this month. You will not lack anything good this month. Life will be easier for you this month. You will make progress. You will move forward and excel. Your life will make a difference to you and somebody else this month. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Amen!


God bless you specially!!