APRIL 8 -14, 2018

“He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join him in the work he does, the good work he has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing.” (Ephesians 2:10 MSG)

I watched the movie, “The Bible” as a little girl.  I saw in that movie how God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.  I saw how God stopped Abraham just before he struck Isaac.  I heard the voice of God say to Abraham, “Now I know that you love me.”  I was so touched by that, so much so that I decided I wanted to let God know that I loved Him also.

My eldest sister had travelled and bought me a beautiful red jean skirt.  It was my best skirt at the time, and I had only worn it twice.  I decided to sacrifice that skirt to God to let Him know that I loved Him.  I put sticks together at the back of our house, put my beloved red jean skirt on them, and waited for the Lord to stop me from burning it up.  I waited and waited, and waited and waited, but I heard no voice from heaven instructing me to stop.  So I set it on fire.

God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, God did not tell me to sacrifice my skirt.  God was not obligated in any way to stop me from burning my beloved red jean skirt to ashes.  Abraham was following God’s prescribed order of offering sacrifices (blood sacrifices) to him at that time, but I wasn’t… because I did not know really, what God was doing with Abraham.  The grace of God was functioning with Abraham in that area, but not with me – grace follows truth (God’s purpose for you).

Too many of us are doing what God has graced someone else to do, and not us.  It is wearing us out… we have made what God said specifically to someone else for a particular purpose, and maybe even for a particular season, our standard.

I have the grace to be who I was created to be, I don’t have the grace to be you.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to this, I can only fit in my own shoes.  My children all have different personalities and were each created for a specific purpose.  No matter how similar they may be, my husband and I would make a terrible mistake if we don’t put into consider their individuality as we train them up in the way they should go.

The grace to bare a child at an old age was activated in Sarah’s life (Genesis 18:9-14).  Carrying in the womb and birthing a child is not an easy process.  Imagine how it would have been for Sarah, an old woman.  Medically, advanced maternal age is from 35 years old, making Sarah’s pregnancy an EXTREMELY HUGE high risk pregnancy.  There had to be a power helping her; a power designated to her.  Not only was the grace to have a child at an old age assigned to her, she also was the only one graced to birth Abraham’s “only” son (Genesis 22:2).

It was not by chance that the one who would be used to deliver the Jews from being destroyed in the days of King Ahaseurus, was a beautiful, humble, Jewish woman, called Esther (Esther 1-10).  She was exactly who the king needed, that’s why he chose her as his Queen.  The grace upon her gave her the wisdom to call for a three day prayer and fast before she went in to see the king, risking her life with the death penalty.  The wisdom did not end there, it gave her the strategy on how to go about presenting her case before the king.  Every scene from Vashti’s prideful act to the deliverance and sustaining of the Jews, was planned and executed by Esther’s designated power.

We read in the text that we were created for good works.  There is something in particular, or somethings in particular God already got ready for us to do, and it is work that is good… good for God, good for us and good for others.  If He created us to do something, then He already designated to us the power to help us get it done.  You have at work in you designated power just for you!

Dear Reader, what is it that you are graced for?  What is the power designated to you for?  What good work are you created to do?  Find it and mind it!  That’s the business you came to do on earth; that’s your truth, that’s where you were created to have dominion in, that’s where your wealth is.  From when you get to the age of accountability, your work is to find the business you came to earth for and be focused on successfully completing it.  In other words, “Mind your business!!”  Mind the business God gave you, and let your designated power do the work of helping you accomplish, no matter what it takes.


I pray that you will connect with God’s truth for you, and find your truth.  I pray that you will know the business you are here on earth to do.  I pray that you will recognise when you are stepping out of your business into another’s.  I declare that the grace of God working in your life will cause everything you need to fulfill your purpose work together for good for you.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!!  Enjoy a productive and successful week!






  1. Funmi says:

    Oh my God! Kabaya! Gosh this is mind blowing. Imagine doing what God has told SOMEONE else to do? And it’s not of ANY BENEFIT whatsoever to you. Living a wasted life. I hear from God and do! Amen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gloria says:

    This is Spot on! Possibly the reason there are lots of vain tradition making the word of God of no effect in the lives of many Christians.
    You hear a brother or sister share a testimony with emphasis on how they followed a specific instruction God gave them which led to their breakthrough and before you know it someone claims the testimony to see the same breakthrough, following the instruction God gave to someone else and then they get frustrated when they see no breakthrough.
    This is a call to deepen our personal relationship with God, Learn to understand the path He has chosen for us and listen for how He wants us to fulfill our purpose. Truly life will be more meaningful and fulfilling if we just #MindOurBusiness.
    Thank you PS Ehi for such an inspirational truth. I’ve been richly blessed. God bless you.

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