MARCH 25 – 31. 2018

“We know these things are true by believing, not by seeing.” (2 Corinthians 5:7 NLT)

Some other translations read, “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”  I love the Living Bible’s translation above, because it gives another and an even clearer perspective of living by faith and not by sight.  It means that something had been spoken or shown, an information had been earlier communicated or is being communicated that is in conflict with reality.  But rather than accepting what it is we see in reality (in the physical), we are to accept that which was or is being communicated to us, that we cannot physically see.

It means that what was spoken to us or communicated to us, was not said or communicated because of what our physical reality is.  Our current situation does not have anything to do with the fact that we are successful already.  Joseph was referred to as a prosperous man (Genesis 39:2), but at that time, Joseph had just been sold as a slave in a slave market.

I am not talking about just any information communicated to us, I am talking about God’s word to us.  We were created by God!  He created us to fulfill a certain purpose.  He knows exactly how He wants us to go about fulfilling His purpose for our lives.  He knows at exactly what time we are to take each step.  He also knows that He designed us to function by His word and not by what we physically see or experience.  If we do not get ourselves to believe that the information from Him concerning us are true, we will naturally believe the information we receive of ourselves in this physical world.

That is why our reality is usually in conflict with what God has said.  We must believe God enough, otherwise we will lean to what we see.  It is just like what happened to man in the Garden of Eden.  That devil told the woman that they could not trust God enough, instead, if they leaned towards what was physically before them, they would be wise and be like God.  Don’t we experience that over and over again in our lives?  “Just go ahead and put a markup for yourself in that contract, or that market money (women will understand this), or in that office/school/church procurement, so that you can pay for that… whatever… you know what it is.  We will never be able to be who God has made us to be if we believe what we see (Romans 12:2).  We must train ourselves to trust God with all our hearts, so that we can believe Him and acknowledge Him in all of our ways, for then, He will direct our path (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Remember this: we give whatever it is we believe, the power to control our lives.  If we do not purposely believe that what God has said concerning us is true, we will naturally believe what the world tells us.  And guess what?  The world is not after your good!  That is why in this world we are faced with problems, tribulations, sorrow, hurt, pain, disappointment…  The world wants us to carry out its works (Galatians 5:19-21).

I still can’t get over the fact that Joseph (I’ve been writing about Joseph since the start of this year!  His story is what God used to help me understand His focus for this year) could have returned to the prison after interpreting Pharaoh’s dreams.  There was definitely something Joseph believed that his reality wasn’t showing.  And he acted what he believed.  He knew God had his back and would ensure he does not return to the prison or to continue as a slave.  Do you believe God has your back?

I mentioned in WHAT IS YOUR TARGET? that after I discovered my purpose and was ready to begin running with it, God told me to get into a place of quietness and develop trust.  Developing anything is a process.  In this case, a process of understanding the One you are to trust, a process of understanding why you are to trust that One, a process of changing your focus from who or what you have allowed to rule your life to the One who must now rule your life, a process of unlearning your old ways, a process of growth upon growth.  A process that cannot be rushed or aborted prematurely.

Believing that the things God says to us are true, requires us first undergoing the process of getting ourselves to trust God.  Otherwise, at the slightest sight of trouble we will cling on to what we can see; what we have known.  We must UNLEARN our former mindset of living or walking by sight…  This process of developing trust in God is one of becoming confident that He will take care of you.  It is becoming confident that He will never let you down.  You become confident of His love for you.  You become confident that even if you are not seeing any physical results, you are not disturbed, you continue doing what He has told you to, because the results will surely manifest.

Dear Reader, you must train your mind to believe God so that you will be confident that He’s got your back.  That’s what will give you the confidence enough to let go of those people or things or ideas or beliefs that are not working for you but you’re too afraid to let go of.  God is on your side and He has your back!  Allow yourself believe whatever He says and not believe what you see.  No matter how much what you see is conflicting what God has said, just remind yourself that God’s got your back and will surely see you through.

As it’s the Easter Season, let it be a good time to remind yourself that because of what Jesus did, you can now successfully unlearn living by sight and freely live as you were created to live, by faith.


I pray that you will spend time with the Holy Spirit and with God’s word to receive clarity on where God is leading you to so that you can believe and follow.  I pray that you will be confident of His love for you, knowing that no matter what happens or what you experience in this physical world, God’s got your back and will surely bring you through successfully.  Enjoy a fantastic week!




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