85565478-8511-4F19-BB41-68275A6C8CAEDear Precious Sisters (PSs), I welcome you specially to the OWF Connect Club. Please ensure you read this welcome message fully to avoid missing out on vital information, pivotal to your enjoying all the benefits available to you in OWF.

If you are here, then you have already read the introductory information about the Connect Club.  If you missed reading it before registering as a member, please go ahead and do so here.

I believe that you will be inspired, educated and empowered here to discover, life and enjoy your beautiful life and have plenty of opportunities to do the same for others.


OWF Connect Club members are fulfilled and fabulous women.  We are Jesus’ happy girls, women after God’s own heart, close friends of the Lord.  We live for an audience of One, Jesus, and we are committed to doing whatever He wants us to do.

We are women who are focused on becoming more Jesus everyday, as we intentionally, continuously and constantly engage in the process of renewing our minds.  We are women who understand we are on the earth for a specific purpose and are focused just like Jesus, on doing the work of the Father who sent us, and to complete His work.

The OWF Connect Club members are changing the narrative on the woman and marriage.  We are a mighty army.  The Lord is fully equipping and kitting us for His great work.  He is using us to pull down walls He didn’t set up, pull down buildings He didn’t set up… we will cover oceans, walk over seas to lands He gives to us.

He has called us money women, women of substance, women of high value and relevance.  We are wealthy, successful women, business women, high flying professionals…

We are God’s strategy to show the world His goodness, His kindness, His mercies, His greatness, His love, His riches, His foreverness and His amazingness.  We are women He is unwilling to do without, virtuous women, women changing our world, the light of the world.

It is therefore very important that we follow instructions as they come.  It is very important that we give ourselves to, and follow every process of growth and positioning, and be ready to be a blessing for someone else’s life to be blessed and changed.

OWF Connect Club members stand for and with each other.  We value each other, we think the best of each other, and pray for each other.  We promote each other.  We do not manipulate or steal from each other.  If you need something done and there’s a PS that does it, please think of her first.



The OWF Connect Club is strategically planned to help each member effectively carry out her personal development ministry so that she can function excellently as the catalyst and lifeline for economic growth and social development, as well as carry out her personal discipleship ministry to light up her world.

The STAND Strategy is the tool to help us accomplish this.  To get started with the STAND Strategy, when you complete reading this post, please go here.



The details of each theme will be posted on the relevant day in the group.  Watch out for it!  Each theme is strategic to help you grow and develop.  As a member of the OWF Connect Club you have the desire to live fulfilled and fabulous, otherwise you will not be here.  Therefore, it is mandatory that you participate fully in all we do for you to experience that.

MONDAY “LightUp Monday”
Inspire us with a word that ministered to you from your personal study of the bible.

TUESDAY “TradeIt Tuesday”
Advertise and sell your products, service and expertise.
– We are committed to promoting the businesses of our members.  Kindly ensure your adverts are for your own business.  Contact Admin before you advertise a business that is not yours or an event that you’re not the convener.  It is very important we protect our members from products, services or individuals we have concerns about.
– Whenever you need a product or a service, kindly consider a PS first.  Admin can give you the details of the PS that can provide the service or product for you if you ask.
– Very importantly, we ask that you show integrity when you do business with a PS – be committed to delivering excellent service and giving at least, value for the money paid you.  And dear precious buyer, kindly adhere to your payment agreement.
– If you have a product or service that you want offered to our members (yours or someone else’s), that can be offered at a discounted rate, please contact Admin.

WEDNESDAY “CooKednesday”
Share your culinary knowledge, skills and tips.  And ask you culinary questions.

THURSDAY “Happy Thursday”
Inspire some laughter in us with a “Just for Laughs” post.  However, ensure that any content you share is one you will always be proud that you shared.

FRIDAY “Fabulous Friday”
Share your fashion, beauty, fitness and style knowledge and tips.  And ask your questions on these subjects.

SATURDAY and SUNDAY are freestyle days.  You can post whatever you wish on those days, as long as they conform with our guidelines for posting.



Everything you attend to in OWF earns you points!  Your points translate to purchasing power.  Isn’t that amazing!!  If you haven’t yet started, start earning points now!  Read about the Points System here.


To ensure we are fulfilling our purpose, running with our vision and staying true to the OWF message.  It is important we have rules that guide us in the posts we share in the group.

  1. OWF is a registered faith based NGO, and does not represent or promote any church ministry or minister.  We have a specific message and beliefs.  Understanding how we as humans are inclined to identify with others who believe the same as we do, we do not want to encourage any cliques or divisions amongst us.  Therefore, please do not post any messages or adverts from a church or minister.  We are most interested in being blessed by the revelations the Lord gives to you personally.
    If you must post a message not written by you, kindly obtain Admin’s approval.  It is very important that the message represented in it or the beliefs of the ministry or minister aligns with the OWF beliefs.
  2. Please ensure that any article, video or imagery you share meets the OWF purpose of inspiring, educating and empowering.
  3. Kindly work with the structure of our weekday themes, and post relevant and appropriate articles, videos and/or imagery.
  4. We love to join with you to celebrate.  Go ahead and post birthdays, anniversaries, special celebrations of your family so we can celebrate with you and speak a word of blessing.
  5. Ensure that your “Just for Laughs” posts on Happy Thursday are decent and represent you.  In other words, let it be something you are proud of sending.
  6. When forwarding an article, please do not include any part that threaten God’s people: “if you are not ashamed of Jesus, send to 10, and He will not be ashamed of you.” or “A man sent this to 10 people and was promoted, another didn’t and died.” If the message in the article really touched you and you want to share with us, please delete that part first before sending.  Those threatening messages are not the message of OWF.  Our OWF message is “love and good news!”  We have life in Christ and we are enjoying it abundantly.  Therefore, please do not forward an article, video or imagery because it demands you forward it.  Do so only because you were blessed by it and you want to share with us.
  7. Go ahead and post a “Hello” if you want to, don’t consider if you will get a response. Your “Hello” may be just what another sister needs to read at that time.
  8. Sometimes, a PS may really need to communicate with someone to help her feel better. Let us try as much as possible to respond when a PS sends a greeting.
  9. If you do not agree with what a PS has posted, please no hostile or demeaning responses.  Let us always be kind in our responses and considerate with another PS’s feelings.
  10. Don’t just read a post and walk away, it would be really great to ‘Like it” and/or leave a comment.  OWF provides its members a ready audience to help them develop their talents and exercise their gifts.  Your liking or commenting on a post representing a talent being developed, will go a very long way with helping your PS.
  11. Finally, let your voice be read and heard!  We want to be inspired, educated and empowered by you.  Bless us with who you are, even as you are receiving blessings from who we are.

Once again, welcome to OWF!!  Thank you for being here! God bless you specially!  Enjoy your beautiful life.  Be fulfilled and fabulous always!

Most of all, be fully persuaded that Jesus loves you extravagantly!

Plenty love from your PS in fulfillment + fabulosity,
PS Ehi



    • onewomanfulfilled says:

      Good morning dear PS Adibeli! Great! Weldone! Did you read the STAND Strategy Overview? If you did and you’re ready to move to the next stage, you have to fill the form as written in the page. Don’t forget to also like the posts you read, as well as leave a comment. They all have points attached to them. God bless you dearly!


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