MARCH 18 – 24, 2018

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew‬ ‭6:22‬ ‭KJV‬‬)

I discovered the purpose for my existence on earth in 2013.  The Lord had began speaking to me before then, but I had a lot of conflict in me with what He was saying and my reality.  At some point after I had finally come to a conclusion on my purpose and was ready to begin deploying, the Lord God told me to focus in quietness on all He had given me.  He said to me to develop trust and focus in quietness.  He went further to say that people did not need to see the things that I was doing to know I was busy or that He was with me.  He said, “focus in quietness and let your works speak for you.”

Did He tell me how long I was to be in quietness?  No, He didn’t!  But I have come to find out that it is as long as His timing requires.  Without complete and total trust in Him, we will definitely miss His timing.  The Lord does sometimes seem to move too slow for us…

I already knew what I was created to do, so why would the Lord tell me to focus in quietness on all He had given me?  Why would He ask me to develop trust?  I mean, I had enough trust in Him to discover my purpose in the first place.  What was the point?  This word came to me on the 31st of December, 2013.  At this time I had started holding meetings (quite honestly I didn’t know what to call them), where I was communicating to a small group of wonderful ladies the things that the Lord had taught me on how to live a fulfilled life.  I used to hold the meetings at a friend’s school.

My plans going into 2014 was to begin inviting more people to these meetings, and get another venue.  I was ready to move!  I was full of passion!  But God said hold on…  My God knows me.  Even though I had discovered purpose, I hadn’t discovered and learned MY VOICE.  I still couldn’t say, “No” when I needed to, to some people I respected or to some friends.  This had been one of my greatest challenges, and had led me into making wrong decisions for my life.  It had been what made me break focus many a time.  And life kept throwing me in situations, forcing me to make a decision for my voice…  I just didn’t have the strength to.

It wasn’t until much later into 2014 that I realized that in my place of quietness, I had developed the boldness, courage and bravery to begin speaking with my voice, and not someone else’s voice.

When He said focus in quietness, I thought the Lord was slowing me down.  I had made a major move in my life in 2013, and lots of things were said about me.  Some said I was a backslider, some asked to see progress in my life… so you see, I couldn’t wait to get out there to show that it had been God with me all this while.  If I had done that, I would have been living for those people.  I would have stepped out of trusting God, who started this whole move in my life, because I would have been in a rush to prove myself.  “Oh! Thank you Lord for loving me!”

In that place of quietness, all I saw was God and what He wanted me to do.  There was so much pressure to leave my quiet place and get into other things, but I had seen too much light (understanding, vision, clarity) to know that if I stepped out of that place before it was time, I would only prolong my wait.  Why?  It’s my life’s purpose!  Until I settle down with it, I will only go round and round in circles.  So, why not stay planted where the Lord had planted me and allow the unlearning, the process of death to those things that would hinder me from succeeding at completing my purpose to take place.

Why not stay planted in my garden to allow my true voice find its strength, such that no matter how loud another’s voice is, my voice will not break.  Why not stay planted in that ground where my eye is single on my target, so that my whole body will be full of the light, knowledge, understanding, vision, definiteness… come to full persuasion of who I was.  Why not stay planted in that garden to bloom into a fruit truly helping people live fulfilled lives.  And now look, His word is coming to pass as He said it.

Dear Reader, with God, you cannot be in a rush.  He created you and gave you a purpose.  He knows exactly what you need to get ready to begin delivering the solutions your purpose provides.  The first thing that must happen is you must discover your purpose; What specific reason are you in existence for?  That becomes your target!  If you would focus on your target, you would learn how to hit the mark with your eyes closed.  You cannot focus on your target if you are in a rush to get things going.  Too many times, our excuse for the rush is God Himself – but He is saying to you, “Slow down, be quiet, focus, so you can hear me lead you.”


I pray that you will speak at all times with the voice that God Himself has given you.  I pray that you will not be distracted by pressure from others to deliver something that would be impressive to them.  I pray that you will not be in a rush and miss God’s move and timing.  In the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  Amen!!  Enjoy a week of victories!





3 thoughts on “WHAT IS YOUR TARGET?

  1. Gloria says:

    Amen! Oh Lord… This calls for reflection. God actually speaks to us everyday but we get carried away by the fast and furious winds of life just to prove our point of progress to people out there. Sometimes, lost in the trends and competition in the world, we tend to forget that God’s ways are totally different from the world’s system. Dear Lord have mercy on us and help us to listen to your voice in us. Help us to focus on the target you have given us. Teach us to stick with you against all odds and teach us to be patient in Jesus mighty name Amen.
    Thank you dear PS Ehi for sharing this piece. May God bless you continually and keep you safe in His plan for you, in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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