NOVEMBER 19 – 25, 2017

”Then the king asked her, “What do you wish, Queen Esther? What is your request? I will give it to you, even if it is half the kingdom! And Esther replied, “If it please Your Majesty, I want you and Haman to come to a banquet I have prepared for you today.” (Esther 5:3-4 TLB)

I remember when I got into the Management Consulting industry some years ago.  I was so intrigued by the idea of “Strategy.”  Strategy was spoken of like a god in management; ‘if you know strategy or if you have someone in your organisation that can ‘do’ strategy, then your organisation is made.’  Immediately, that’s the person I wanted to be – the Strategy Person.  I began researching; asking questions, searching the internet and buying books (that seemed to confuse me).

Interestingly, I began to receive jobs to do that I had not the tiniest idea how to get about doing them.  One thing I know I had was the presence of the Holy Spirit with me.  So, when I was asked to do such work I would say to the Holy Spirit, “Holy Spirit, we have work o, show me what to do.”  And, every time I would do a great job!  My boss was always happy with my work, which on some occasions lifted the organisation before the our clients.  I observed that whenever I asked the Holy Spirit for help, what He gave me was clarity.  I was able to understand the problem.  I was able to understand what the outcome should be.  I was able to understand what was required to get to the desired outcome.  He gave me an execution plan.

I wanted to understand “Strategy,” and God taught me by creating situations for me that I had no idea on how to execute, so that the Holy Spirit can give me a clear picture on what to do.  He taught me Strategy Himself.

When Esther understood that she was God’s instrument to stop an evil plan to kill the Jews, she called for a three day prayer and fast.  Esther had a challenge; she couldn’t just walk up to see the King, he had to send for her.  Anyone who went to the king’s court without being invited by the king, faced possible death if the king did not welcome the person’s presence.  Although, the prayer and fast may have been for God’s favour, so that the king welcomes Esther when she went in to see him, it did much more, God gave Esther a Strategy.

Esther did not immediately say what she wanted from the king, she waited three days to do that.  She entertained the king and the evil mastermind behind the plot to annihilate the Jews, Haman.  God is a master strategist!  He planned the whole thing!  The timing was perfect!  The scenes were right!  And when Esther finally spoke up, not only was every evil plan destroyed, but Esther and her cousin Mordecai became the most powerful people in that kingdom after the king.  Hmm… Was that God’s plan all along?  Read the book of Esther in the bible.

Am I suggesting you pray and fast as Esther did?  No, that’s not my point here.  My point is that you need a strategy to establish yourself in the palace the Lord is moving you into.  And who better to give you this strategy than the Lord God Himself.  Keep company with Jesus and He will order your steps.  Pharaoh recognised that there was no better person to be in charge of administering a nationwide farm program to save his people in the time of the severe famine ahead, than Joseph who knew exactly what was to be done.  Joseph had a clear picture of what was to be done, how it was to be done, when it was to be done and all the resources required to do it.  That’s strategy!

Strategy is the clear plan that takes you from where you are now, and establishes you in the place where you need to be.  In business terms I describe it as, “having a clear picture of where you are going to (vision), from understanding why you need to get there (mission/purpose), knowing how you need to get there (process – agreed outcomes: programs and activities) and what you need to get there (resources – systems, policies and controls, people: staff and customers, finance).”

Dear Reader, if you need to fast to get your strategy from the Lord, do it!  Notice the sentence does not include prayer, because we ought to be constantly and continuously without ceasing, praying.  Prayer is not a ceremony.  It is not something we decide to do, as fasting is.  Prayer is a part of our makeup.  You cannot keep company with Jesus without communicating with Him constantly, just like you are constantly thinking, because Jesus lives inside you.

It is time to sit down with your pen and paper, and ask the Holy Spirit in you to give you a plan, a clear plan to establish yourself firmly in the next and higher level which you’re about to step into.  Trust me, you will step into it.  Just imagine what would have happened if Joseph only interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams without an execution plan.  Or if Esther did not have a three day execution plan?  God wants to get you ready with your execution plan.


I pray that you will focus this week on receiving your divine plan to excel exceedingly in 2018.  I pray that the Holy Spirit, your incredible helper will give you clear pictures on what to do as He gave Jacob in Genesis 31:10-12.  In He mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Amen!!  Have an amazing week!



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